Web Development Workshop

Department Webmaster Designation

Each campus unit is asked to officially designate their department Webmasters, just as REACH and Phonebook contacts are now designated. The Webmaster designates will be listed with each department entry in the A-Z directory online.

The designation allows campus Webmasters to more easily connect with each other and learn about free training and resources in addition to receiving information on website policies and guidelines.

Who should be designated?

Departments may designate more than one Webmaster and should list all staff members responsible for Web content or technical and accessibility issues.

Who can designate a Webmaster

  1. Since only certain staff members have access to making these designations, you may need to work with your department to make sure you are listed as a Webmaster. To find out who in your department can do this, check http://tigger.uic.edu/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/webpbrw/liaison/data
  2. Select your unit from the pull-down menu
  3. Click on “Lookup Unit/Zone Data”
  4. The section of this page labeled “Departmental Liaisons” lists those people in your department authorized to appoint other liaisons such as the Webmaster designates. Contact one of those people to make sure you are designated and send them the instructions below.
  5. If the information is unclear or seems wrong, questions about liaison appointments should be sent to phonebk@uic.edu

Designation instructions

If you have the authority to make liaison designations, follow these steps to make the Webmaster designation(s).

  1. Log in to https://tigger.uic.edu/htbin/cgiwrap-auth/bin/webpbrw/liaison/liaison.
  2. Enter as many Webmaster liaisons as you need.
  3. The designated Webmasters will receive a welcome message with links to UIC Web-related resources.

For more information

If you have further questions or problems making a designation, or for more information about Web resources at UIC, please contact Kimberly Charles, Director of Web Communications, Office of Marketing and Communications at kbaxa@uic.edu.