UIC Honors College: 2015 Honors Convocation

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2015 Honors College Convocation

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The Honors College Convocation recognizes the members of the Honors College Graduating Class of 2015. Each Honors College graduate will receive a gold Honors stole at the ceremony, as a visible symbol of accomplishment, which can be worn at all other college commencement ceremonies. Each graduate will also receive a certificate of Honors College membership. Students who have graduated in Summer 2014 and Fall 2014, and students who intend to graduate in May 2015 are invited to participate.



Event         2015 Honors College Convocation
Date          Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time          7:00 pm
Location    UIC Forum, 725 W Roosevelt Road

Length of Program    Approximately 90 minutes

2014 Honors Convocation Program

Faculty and Students
Bette L. Bottoms Dean, Honors College
Lon S. Kaufman Provost, UIC
Keynote Speaker
Jim Edgar 38th Governor of Illinois (1991 – 1999) Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois
Sara Hall Associate Dean, Honors College
Presented to:
Roberta Paikoff Holzmueller Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine
Presentation of Class 2014
Donald and Leah Riddle Prize
Hui-Ching Chang Associate Dean, Honors College
Presented to:
Hugh Vondracek
Student Address
Jacob Adams Class of 2014
Alumni Message
Nicholas A. Gowen Honors College Class of 2000
Dean's Closing Remarks
Bette L. Bottoms Dean, Honors College
Faculty and Students
Length of Program
Approximately 90 minutes

Keynote Speaker:

Jim Edgar, a distinguished fellow with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois, was the 38th governor of Illinois. As governor, he made fiscal discipline and children the cornerstones of his two terms. First elected in 1990, Governor Edgar won re-election in 1994 by the largest margin ever for a governor. Four years later Governor Edgar left office with the highest approval rating in state history. At the end of his tenure as governor, the Chicago Tribune stated that Governor Edgar's "instincts and motives were as sound as those of any governor the state has had."

By the time he left office in January 1999, Governor Edgar had eliminated the backlog in payments of the state's bills, given the state a surplus and reduced the size of state government. He had also fought for and won passage of historic legislation on the way Illinois schools are funded and had overhauled the state's child welfare system.

Edgar has served in a variety of leadership roles, including president of the Council of State Governments, as a member of the executive committee of the National Governors' Association and as chairman of the Midwest Governors' Association. He has also been a Resident Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Governor Edgar serves on a variety of civic and corporate boards of directors.

As a fellow with the IGPA, the former governor wants to use his political accomplishments to enhance the educational experience of university students.

Before becoming governor, Edgar served as secretary of state for 10 years and was elected to the Illinois House from Charleston in 1976. He received a B.S. in history from Eastern Illinois University in 1968.

GRADUATION DECLARATIONS ARE DUE TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 2014. If you are planning to graduate this year, please complete the Honors College Graduation Declaration AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you plan to attend the Honors College Convocation, please contact Stacie Williams at smccloud@uic.edu by 5:00pm on Friday, May 2nd 2014.


A reception will immediately follow the Honors College Convocation ceremony. Light refreshments will be served.


Tickets are not required for this event. Students may invite family and friends to the event. In addition, each student is encouraged to invite their Honors College fellow to attend.


Seating will be on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m.


Student Caps & Gowns

Please note that academic dress is required for the Honors College Convocation ceremony. Undergraduate student caps and gowns may be purchased from the bookstores in the UIC Student Centers East (312-413-5500) or West (312-413-5550), beginning in April.



Bachelor of Science students will wear a gold tassel.

Bachelor of Arts students will wear a white tassel.


Tassels are included in the cap & gown price. Additional tassels are available in the campus bookstores.


Where to Assemble

Honors College Graduates will assemble in UIC Forum, located on Halsted Street and Roosevelt Road at 6:15. Please follow directional signs. Please leave your personal belongings with a family member or friend, as there will be no place to store them.


Parking will be available in Lot 5 at the corner of Roosevelt and Morgan. Refer to the UIC Commencement website at the address listed below for additional details and maps for parking.

Accessibility Accommodations

Provisions will be made for graduates with hearing or physical disabilities, if needed. Please make Associate Dean Stacie Williams aware of any required accommodations. A sign language interpreter will be present on the stage for the benefit of students and guests who are hearing impaired. If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact Stacie Williams at (312) 413-2260.

Honors College Gold Stoles

Graduates who will attend the Honors College Convocation Ceremony will receive their gold stole at the ceremony. Fall 2014 graduates who will are unable to attend the Convocation may pick up their gold stole from the Honors College Reception desk beginning December 10. Spring 2015 graduates who are unable to attend the Convocation may pick up their gold stole from the Honors College Reception desk beginning May 6.

The Honors College Gold Stole may be worn with your academic attire at all other college commencement ceremonies.

Honors Capstone

If you are working on an honors capstone, please note that the Capstone Completion Form must be submitted by the end of the fifteenth week, or Friday, May 1. You must complete your capstone, including all paperwork, in order to participate in the Honors College Convocation, or to receive your gold stole.

Latin Honors Policy

Latin Honors listed below will appear on UIC transcripts for undergraduate students who earned degrees Summer 2004 or thereafter.

Summa Cum Laude 3.90 and above GPA

Magna Cum Laude 3.75 to 3.89

Cum Laude 3.50 to 3.74

Summa Cum Laude (Gold) = Highest praise

Magna Cum Laude (Silver) = High praise

Cum Laude (Bronze) = Praise

UIC will reserve the right to make permanent adjustments to the list of students receiving Latin Honors based on final semester grade point average.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Registration and Records at 312-996-7350.

Photography Services

A professional photographer will be taking photos during the ceremony, which will include an individual photo of each graduate as they receive their Honors College certificate. In addition, all graduates at the Convocation will be asked to appear in the Honors College Class of 2014 photo, which will be taken at the time of the ceremony.

These graduation photos will be available for ordering directly from Grad Images. Students will receive ordering information by mail within two weeks of the ceremony.

If you wish to pre-register your contact information for easy access to your pictures, click here to register with GradImages®!.

UIC Exit Survey

Please complete a short exit survey, available online at www.uiaa.org/Chicago. The survey will only take a few minutes, and gives us valuable feedback about your experiences here at UIC. Thank you in advance!

Additional Information

Please check the UIC Commencement website for additional details related to the 2015 UICCommencement ceremonies. www.commencement.uic.edu. www.commencement.uic.edu.


Honors College Fellows, Faculty and Friends are encouraged to attend the Honors College Convocation.

Faculty who order academic dress directly from the Honors College will be able to pick up their robes at the UIC Forum on May 7. You are welcome to carry the robes with you throughout the weekend – please return them after the last ceremony. If you did not order robes from the Honors College, we will have additional UIC robes on hand.

Whether you have ordered robes or are bringing your own, you may begin robing in the staging area at the UIC FORUM at 6:30. Please enter the Forum through the door marked “Faculty Entrance” and follow the directional signs to the staging area.

You are all invited to the reception after the program.

Parking will be available in Lot 5 at Roosevelt and Morgan streets or in the Maxwell Street Parking Structure, each about half a block from the Forum. Reciprocal parking is available if you bring your current parking hangtag.

Further Questions?

Please contact Stephanie O’Leary at soleary@uic.edu or (312) 413-1301, or Associate Dean Stacie Williams at smccloud@uic.edu or (312) 413-2266.


Congratulations to all our graduates!