Meet some of our Honors College Graduates!



   Giselle Hernandez

   Giselle graduated from the Honors College in 2007 with high honors in Psychology. From there, she went

   to the University of Chicago's prestigious program in Social Work, graduating with her Master of Social

   Work in 2009. She's currently a clinical social worker at the Savoy Medical Center in Mamou, LA,

   and planning to pursue a doctorate eventually.

   "...students at UIC learn how to be independent thinkers, writers, and researchers. They learn how to

   evaluate the quality of scientific knowledge rather than just accepting it as truth. They will be in a

   diverse environment with people of so many different cultures and religions, which will allow for a

   reevaluation of their core beliefs. They will develop their own voice and personal narratives...and this

   process will continue throughout their education.".




                                        Fred Nickl

                                        Fred graduated from the Honors College in 1995 with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.


                                        "I am involved as Vice President of the HCAA because I believe strongly in the HCAA and want to see the

                                        UIC Honors College continue its mission with the help of alumni involvement. I am proud of the Honors

                                        College for its commitment to encouraging life-long learning, and appreciative of the Honors College's

                                        integral role in my own education at UIC. I would like the HCAA to grow and help others give back to the        

                                        community that provided us a foundation for our careers. I am an attorney, a lifelong Chicagoan, and an

                                        active general member of the HCAA. We look forward to meeting other alumni willing to participate and

                                        further the goals of the HCAA Board."


                                         Carshae Davis Dahl

                                          After graduating from UIC and the Honors College in 2004 with a degree in economics, Carshae earned her                                           J.D. from the Law School at the University of Chicago in 2007. She is currently a third year tax associate at                                           the law firm of Latham & Watkins LLP.

                                          "During my last year at UIC, the Honors College held a panel discussion on law schools and the

                                          law school application process. At the end of the discussion the Dean at the time introduced me to

                                          the Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School. To make a somewhat long story

                                          short, I applied to the U of C and was accepted early decision. To this day, I think the panel discussion

                                          put on by the Honors College and the subsequent conversation that I was able to have played a large

                                          role in both my decision to apply to the U of C and my acceptance. I would be honored to give back

                                          to the Honors College in any way I can."