Dr. Gary E. Raney

Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Honors Faculty Fellows are UIC faculty members who are individually assigned to provide personalized advising and mentoring to students from the sophomore year on. Each year, Honors College students nominate one Fellow to be honored as “Fellow of the Year.” We are honored to present the 2012-13 title to Gary Raney.

Professor Raney has been a Fellow in the Honors College for 15 of the 20 years he has been at UIC. He is a cognitive psychologist who studies how people read and remember text, especially how being bilingual can improve text comprehension. He has served the Honors College by being a member of the Honors Council under Dean Kaufman, and by working with dozens of Honors students over the years, many of whom have won awards for their research. He previously won the UIC Flames Alumni Teaching and Mentoring Award, the UIC Excellence in Teaching Award, and the UIC Teaching Recognition Program Award.

Dr. Raney received a record number of four nominations from his advisees. Alessandra Arreola, a Junior majoring in Psychology, wrote, "I transferred as a junior to UIC and I had so many questions about the Bachelors in Psychology I wish to pursue. When I first met Dr. Raney he was a very welcoming and helpful person. He gave me information about research and about classes that I should be taking. Without him, I wouldn't have known what research even was ... Dr. Raney was the person who helped me stay on the path I opened at UIC and he motivated me to do my best in all my classes...."

John Westbrook, a Senior Psychology major, also contributed to the nomination by writing, "Dr. Raney's commitment to his students’ success is demonstrated by the time and energy that he has spent with me and my Capstone thesis and graduate school applications. His dedication and generosity, along with his resources and knowledge, have been instrumental to the realization of my academic goals. Dr. Raney has offered the invaluable encouragement and assistance that are the makings of a fine Honors College Fellow."

Congratulations to Dr. Gary Raney, and thank you for your support and mentorship of Honors College students!

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