Meet some of our Honors College Fellows!


Dick Simpson


"The Honors College at UIC is one of the truly great developments on campus. If [The Chronicle of Higher Education] were to write about the college at UIC it would find that it has elevated the entire undergraduate experience by improving all the classes in which Honors student participate. We value them very much in political science."


Anna Roosevelt


"It's been a pleasure working with honors college students over the years. They are a motivated, intellectually inspired group. They have excitement and momentum in their work."


Anthony Grosch

"I love teaching in the Honors College, and I think I have developed interesting and productive courses. With each course, I give myself and my students a challenge--new ideas and new materials."


Robert Gaensllen

The 2009 Honors College Fellow of the Year, Dr. Gaensslen is a professor in the Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences and is the Director of the UIC Forensic Science Program. His mentee, Courtney Sinkuler, notes that Dr. Gaensslen "has always been extremely eager to help me find the most interesting and beneficial Honors College projects ... He helped me turn my dream of attending graduate school and becoming a forensic scientist into a reality." Honors College alumna Gina Giglio now works closely with him while completing her masters in Forensic Science at UIC. "All in all, he has made a tremendous impact on my life and I will never forget all that he has done over the past several years."


Mary Louise Bareither

"The Honors College has always brought the small college feeling to a large university, however, being an Honors College Fellow is often bitter-sweet. My Honors College students often seem to become a part of my family, we spend time planning academic schedules, careers, working on research, and having in-depth discussion about life. I am always excited to see the development and success of my students, but at the same time graduation always bring some sadness as they leave to pursue their amazing goals."


Robert Chirinko

"I am relatively new to UIC and have found the Honors College to be one of its unique gems. It is a privilege to work with my Honors students and to be associated with the Honors College community."