President's Award Program Honors

The President's Award Program Honors (PAP-H) is a distinct part of the campus-wide President's Award Program (PAP). It is the University of Illinois' most prestigious four-year tuition and housing scholarship given to exemplary incoming first-year Honors College students. Eligibility consideration for the PAP-H scholarship is based on a combination of ACT composite score, class rank, and belonging to one of the following applicant pools: high-achieving newly admitted freshmen from historically underrepresented groups; high-achieving newly admitted students from low-sending Illinois counties (defined as counties sending an average of two or fewer students per academic year to the University of Illinois in the past five year period); or high-achieving newly admitted dependent students whose families are not expected to contribute to the cost of their education as verified through FAFSA and financial aid application processes. Prospective students apply for the award through the regular UIC admissions and Honors College review processes. Once admitted to the university, potentially eligible applicants are nominated by UIC's Chancellor, then undergo individual review to be considered as President's Award Program Honors Scholars.

The President's Award Program Honors Scholarship promotes academic excellence within and beyond the Honors College community, connects students with Honors College Fellows and other premier faculty members, and fosters civic engagement and leadership. The Honors College provides a collaborative and supportive educational environment that allows students to explore issues in depth through small classes and specialized research projects. Living in Honors Housing in the residence halls ensures proximity to UIC's academic and social support networks and keeps students involved in campus life. Honors College students are known on campus as leaders, innovators, and contributors to the UIC community and beyond. PAP-H Scholarships allow motivated and hard-working Honors College students to make an even greater difference through their research and engaged citizenship.