Honors Activity Agreement Forms

All Honors College students must complete an honors activity each fall and spring semester. Honors activities may be conducted during summer session.

In addition to registering for HON 222 (most activities) or HON 322 (Capstone), students must also complete an Agreement Form at the beginning of each semester and submit a printed copy to the Honors College offices.

Please select the Honors Activity you are undertaking this semester and you will be directed to the appropriate agreement form. More information about the options for Honors Activities can be found here.

For my Honors Activity this semester I am:

  • Taking an Honors College course
  • Doing a supplement to a regular course
  • Taking advanced coursework outside of my major
  • Studying abroad
  • Doing an internship, CoOp or practicum
  • Performing a service activity
  • Doing research (Undergraduate Research Assistant or Independent Study)
  • Starting my capstone this semester
  • Continuing and/or completing my Capstone this semester

    Check with your fellow about other imaginative ideas for fulfilling your semester honors activity in ways that don't fit the categories above. You can use the other activities form to declare your activity for the semester.

    UPDATED 01/06/12