Dear Honors College students,


Below you will find information on how to coordinate your capstone project with your major requirements. We have made every effort to keep this information accurate and up to date. However, you should always discuss your course choices and schedule with your major advisor to verify that you are on track to complete all of your major requirements on schedule.


Major name:

Art History


DUGS Name & Contact Information:

Professor Martha Pollak

Director of Undergraduate Studies



Students working on their Honors Capstone project can enroll in the following course(s):

Course number

Course Name

Number of Hours

Required for major

Elective in major

Required to earn Departmental Honors

When to Enroll

AH 490

Honors Thesis





First semester of capstone


Requirements for Departmental/College/Major honors:

To be eligible for Departmental Distinction, a student must have done the following:

  1. Attended UIC for at least three semesters.
  2. Attained a university cumulative GPA of 3.50/4.00.
  3. Completed 21 semester hours at UIC in courses required for the major.
  4. Attained a GPA of 3.75/4.00 in courses in Art History.
  5. Written a thesis that either expands work
    represented in a seminar or which grows out
    of an AH 492—Readings in Art and Architecture History course.

The Department of Art History’s Thesis Requirements are as follows:

  1. Applicants for graduation with Distinction must take AH 490—Honors Thesis for three hours of credit.
  2. Students must enroll in AH 490 in their penultimate semester of course work.
  3. The completed thesis must be acceptable to a committee of two faculty members from the Department of Art History.
  4. The grading of the thesis and the grade in the course is either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Students must receive a grade of Satisfactory in order to graduate with Distinction.
  5. Completion of AH 490 must be in addition to the 36 semester hours required for the major.


Department/College Presentation Options (e.g. research days):

The Art History Undergraduate Symposium, normally held in Fall Term of the academic year