Dear Honors College students,


Below you will find information on how to coordinate your capstone project with your major requirements. We have made every effort to keep this information accurate and up to date. However, you should always discuss your course choices and schedule with your major advisor to verify that you are on track to complete all of your major requirements on schedule.


Major name:



DUGS Name & Contact Information:

John Hetling

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies


Major Advisor Name & Contact Information:

Jessica Bobadilla

Undergraduate Program Cordinator


Students working on their Honors Capstone project can enroll in the following course(s):

Course number

Course Name           

Number of Hours

Required for major

Elective in major

Required to earn Departmental Honors

When to enroll

BIOE 396

Senior Design I





First semester of capstone

BIOE 397

Senior Design II





Second semester of capstone


Requirements for Departmental/College/Major honors:

At graduation, students are awarded University Honors for academic distinction. Such honors are designated on the diplomas as Cum laude, Magna cum laude, or Summa cum laude. The minimum cumulative grade point average needed to qualify for University Honors is 3.50/4.00 in all UIC course work and in all work offered for the degree.

Cum Laude is awarded to a student who earns at least a 3.50 cumulative grade point average; Magna cum laude is awarded to a student who earns at least a 3.75 cumulative grade point average; Summa cum laude is awarded to a student who earns at least a 3.85 cumulative grade point average. All transfer work accepted for the degree is included in the determination of grade point averages. The grades for military science courses are excluded unless a student completes the four-year military science program, in which case 5 semester hours of advanced credit are included in the determination of averages for University Honors.

The Bell Honors Award is given in recognition of attaining the highest grade point average in each graduating class. At the Engineering Convocation, award recipients are recognized and given a certificate acknowledging their scholastic attainments.


Department/College Presentation Options (e.g. research days): 

The BioE 396 / BioE 397 course sequence culminates in a design competiton attended by all students completing capstone design courses in the College.  At this competition, Engineering Expo, students present their work to judging panels comprised of UIC faculty as well as alumni or others from appropriate areas of industry.