Dear Honors College students,


Below you will find information on how to coordinate your capstone project with your major requirements. We have made every effort to keep this information accurate and up to date. However, you should always discuss your course choices and schedule with your major advisor to verify that you are on track to complete all of your major requirements on schedule.


Major name:

Teaching of Mathematics


DUGS Name & Contact Information:

Professor Philip Wagreich

Director of the Office of Mathematics Education


Major Advisor Name & Contact Information:

Janice Nekola

Assistant to the Director of the Office of Mathematics Education


Students working on their Honors Capstone project can enroll in the following course(s):

Course number

Course Name 

Number of Hours

Required for major

Elective in major

Required to earn Departmental Honors

When to enroll

MATH 496

Independent Study





Both semesters of capstone


Requirements for Departmental/College/Major honors:

For consideration, the student must have a minimum of a 3.50/4.00 GPA in upper-division courses in the department. The department may award High and Highest Distinction in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.