Students Who Are:

Students who are registering late

Students who register late but before the CampusCare enrollment options deadline have an opportunity to waive out of the program, reinstate benefits, and enroll dependents or disenroll dependents by submitting the appropriate form before the enrollment change deadline.


Students who register late and after the CampusCare enrollment options deadline do NOT have an opportunity to waive coverage or make other enrollment choices.


The effective date of coverage is the date on which the late registration is entered and processed in the student records system by the Office of Records and Registration.


Student who are in study abroad programs

Students studying abroad are required to purchase international health insurance coverage specifically designed to cover services provided outside the United States.


CampusCare only covers health services provided in the United States. In addition to the required international health insurance coverage, students studying abroad are advised to continue CampusCare coverage for their term abroad to provide domestic health coverage in the event they need it.


Students participating in a recognized Study Abroad Program who have not previously waived CampusCare coverage will be automatically enrolled (along with any enrolled dependents) in CampusCare for their term abroad and assessed the Student Health Insurance Fee.


Students who do not wish to have concurrent domestic health benefits coverage under CampusCare during their term abroad must submit a Waiver Form before the published deadline.


Students who previously waived out of CampusCare but wish to have concurrent domestic coverage under CampusCare during their term abroad should submit a Reinstatement Application Form before the published deadline. Students may also enroll eligible dependents by submitting the Dependent Enrollment Form.


Questions regarding international health insurance coverage may be directed to the UIC Study Abroad Office at 312-413-7662.


Covered CampusCare members have additional emergency medical assistance through the WorldNet Travel Assistance Program when studying abroad. To find out more about services provided under the WorldNet program call 800-290-7602 or visit

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Employees of the University who register for classes:

A person’s academic status with the University, not their employment status, determines what tuition and fees are assessed when they enroll in a class at the University. It doesn’t matter if the student works, does not work, works at another company, or works for the University – all newly enrolled students at UIC who are assessed the CampusCare Student Health Insurance Fee with their tuition and are automatically enrolled into CampusCare.


The University will automatically waive the tuition and fees for eligible students who work at UIC. Not all individuals employed by the University are eligible for health coverage under the University’s Employee Benefit Program. All employees should contact the Human Resources Benefits Department at 312-996-6471 and speak to a benefits counselor. The position you are hired under is how the University will classify what benefits you are eligible for.

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Students who are graduating or need temporary health coverage

Students who need health benefit coverage upon graduation from the University of Illinois or students who take time off from school are not eligible for CampusCare. Please contact College Community Insurance to receive a free online quote for health insurance.


Coverage provided by College Community Insurance is NOT a continuation of CampusCare coverage and is not affiliated with the University of Illinois.


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