ID Cards & Forms - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I obtain my CampusCare member ID Card?

All CampusCare members should print their Identification Card. ID cards are not mailed to members. New ID Cards should be printed each semester you are covered. You must login with your NetID and password before you can print out your ID Card. Visit ID Cards to print the student and/or dependent member ID card. Printing and Possession of your ID Card does not guarantee eligibility or benefits. It is the patient's responsibility to know they are a member by viewing their student account and seeing the charge for the CampusCare Health Insurance.


2. To access my discounted dental & vision benefits, do I use my CampusCare ID Card?

NO. If you want to access the discounted dental, vision, hearing, or discounted prescription drug card program offered through the United Health Programs, you will need to print the UHP Member ID card. You will need to login by submitting your First, Last name and your UIN# which is your Member ID#.

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3. Where can I submit the online CampusCare forms?

CampusCare forms are available and submitted online through the home page during the published enrollment change period.

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