Benefits & Coverage - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there more information about my CampusCare benefits?

A complete list of the benefits available to CampusCare Members is located under the Benefits menu. Review the Benefits Summary or the Certificate of Coverage for a detailed description of the CampusCare program.


2. Is there coverage for maternity care?

CampusCare has benefits related to pregnancy, including delivery, if provided or authorized by a CampusCare Health Center Physician. If pregnant or expect to become pregnant,a CampusCare Health Center Physician should be seen for health assessment and care.

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3. Are occupational therapy services covered?

Occupational therapy is a covered benefit when medically necessary and authorized by a CampusCare Health Center Physician. As a CampusCare member a referral from your CampusCare Physician is required for this service.

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