Prescriptions - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I fill my prescriptions?

Enrolled students and covered dependents can fill prescriptions at the locations listed on the Pharmacy page. Members are only required to pay the applicable copayment at the these locations. Alternatively CampusCare members can go to any pharmacy but will be required to pay in full and request reimbursement.


2. Can I get my prescriptions filled for more than a month supply?

If you are taking maintenance medications, you can receive up to a 60-day supply of medication from the University of Illinois Medical Center Pharmacy. Your Physician must write a prescription for a 60-day supply. Each 60-day supply will require a double copayment. Please note that the Medical Center Pharmacy will only dispense a 60-day supply of medication if the 60-day period falls within CampusCare benefit coverage dates.


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3. Can I use any pharmacy I want?

It is recommended that you use one of the pharmacies listed on the Pharmacy page. However, prescriptions can be filled at external pharmacy locations (such as Walgreens, CVS, etc.). To be reimbursed less your copay, submit the original receipt and pharmacy identification sheet (copies will not be accepted).


For a full refund less required co-payment submit all pharmacy claims to:


1240 E. Diehl Road Suite 100

Naperville, IL 60563

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