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At the UIC Medical Center, we are working medical miracles every day, handling some of the toughest cases in the country.

Since our founding in 1882, we have pioneered dramatic innovations in medical treatment, technology and leading-edge research, with a dedication to patient care. We have one of only ten stereotactic microscopes in the country. It provides a 3-D picture of the brain, allowing for more accurate surgery and better outcomes. And UIC Medical Center is one of the few hospitals in the country with Ultrafast HeartCheck, a non-invasive, painless test which can detect coronary artery disease before symptoms develop

More than 600 primary care physicians and specialists at UIC serve people from Illinois and around the world. Our medical center includes a modern 424-bed hospital and a new outpatient surgery center. it also contains 40 primary care and specialist clinics which manage over 350,000 patient visits each year. Additional primary care sites include Mile Square Health Center, Near West Family Center and Henry Suder Elementary School’s Better Care for Youth health Clinic.

Yet, the best skill and technology means nothing unless it’s combined with the compassion necessary to help people become healthy again. With respect and dignity, our staff responds to the needs of our customers through their quality care and professional excellence. The Medical Center has also embarked on programs that deliver the best care in the most cost and resource efficient manner. By embracing these values, we offer the care we know patients deserve.

Last modified: 07/31/97

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