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About the Hemoccult II Test

Hemoccult II, a product of SmithKline Diagnostics, Inc. is a simple screening test that can be completed in the privacy of your own home. To complete the test, place a thin smear of a small stool specimen, taken from your toilet bowl, onto the window inside the test slides included in your kit. Collection tissues, application sticks and more detailed instructions are also provided with each test kit. Next, mail your completed test and registration form in the pre-addressed envelope we’ve provided to the UIC Medical Center. UIC will process your test and notify you of the results within four to six weeks.

Although the Hemoccult II test does not make conclusive diagnosis of cancer, it is an important aid in detecting cancer at its early stages of development. A positive result indicates the presence of occult (hidden) blood in the stool and not necessarily the presence of cancer. In addition to cancer, bleeding can also be a warning sign for other gastrointestinal disorders such as hemorrhoids, fissures or diverticular disease.

Last modified: 07/31/97

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