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Eight honored with WOW Awards

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WOW Awards
The WOW Awards for outstanding employee service were awarded to eight staffers in January and February.

The award is sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor, the UIC Alumni Relations Council and the University of Illinois Alumni Association. Anyone on campus can make nominations at wowaward@uic.edu

Anne Armstrong
Assistant reference librarian, Daley Library
Nominated by Lana Turkic

Sarah Hopkins
Procedures and systems analyst, department of medicine
Nominated by Deana Donzal

Dace Kezbers
Assistant to the head of communication
Nominated by Lana Turkic

Michael King
Supervisor of university unions
Nominated by David Ramsey

Adela Nieto
Library assistant, Daley Library
Nominated by Pia Hunter

Javier Ramirez
Student, College of Dentistry
Nominated by Stacey Porter

Angela Seeley
Assistant to the associate dean, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Nominated by Karen Berthiaume

Vanessa Wright
Operations support service, psychology
Nominated by Linda Skitka

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