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Inspire Awards

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INSPIRE winners
Fourteen of the 250 faculty and staff members who have received the WOW Award since it was established in January 2005 were honored with the new INSPIRE Awards April 10.

The WOW recognizes those who demonstration outstanding integrity, respect and excellence. Anyone can nominate an employee for the award.

A special honor — the UIC Luminary Award — was presented to Angela Prazza, assistant director of academic programs in the department of information and decision sciences.

The event also recognized the WOW Patrol, the committee in charge of the award program. Committee members surprise winners at their workplaces with a balloon and certificate.

Committee members are: Judith Baxter, Florencio Diaz, Richard Doherty, Kari Dueball, Kathleen Engstrom, Linda Grider, Kate Knicker, Maureen Madden, Jacob Mueller, George Munley, Linda Naru, Elroy Reyes, Caryn Sanders-Marcus, Kathleen Stauffer, Geen Tomko, Josephine Volpe, Valerie Werner and Nicholas York.

The INSPIRE winners are:

Nancy Cirillo
Department of English
Nominated by Walter Benn Michaels

Pamela Palmer Evans
Student Affairs, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nominated by Judith Baxter

Sandra Gutierrez
Registration and Records
Nominated by Robert Dixon

Pia Hunter
Nominated by Robert Daugherty

Thomas Lagen
Biological Sciences
Nominated by Brian Kay

Melvin McBean
Student Development Services
Nominated by Kelly McCray

Lauren Morris
Nominated by Malinda Lorkovich

Donna Nowacki
Undergraduate Programs, Business Administration
Nominated by Robin Brierton

Onintze Zenarutzabeitia Pikatza
Nominated by Leonardo Ramirez

Emanuel Pollack
Student Affairs, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nominated by Christopher Comer

Angela Prazza
Information and Decision Sciences, Business Administration
Nominated by Arkalgud Ramaprasad

Bala Ramaraju
Nominated by Diana Wilkie

Denise Sobotka
Nominated by Joan Shaver

Michael Tranchita
Student Affairs, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nominated by Emanuel Pollack INSPIRE winners

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