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Award-winning data mining expert takes lead on Web project

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Bing Liu

HP Labs Innovation Research Award winner Bing Liu is a data mining expert.

Photo: Kathryn Marchetti

An expert on data mining and mining texts on the Web has won a 2009 HP Labs Innovation Research Award to lead a joint project with the California-based research organization.

Bing Liu, professor of computer science and a 2008 University Scholar, will head a project that aims to answer user queries by extracting and synthesizing information from across the Web and organizing it in a hierarchical fashion according to automatically discovered key concepts of the query topic.

"It's like automatically 'compiling a book' from the Web, given a topic," said Liu, who began preliminary work on the problem in 2003.

"I believe it's very important for the next generation of information finding from the Internet. I am very excited about the award and look forward to working with the HP colleagues."

In congratulating Liu, UIC computer science professor and department head Robert Sloan cited Liu's data mining contributions to specialty fields such as opinion mining and sentiment analysis, "subjective interestingness," and Web data extraction.

"Liu's ideas and methods have been implemented in the products of many top technology companies," he said.

HP reviewed nearly 300 proposals from more than 140 universities in 29 countries related to eight high-impact research themes at HP Labs — analytics, cloud, content transformation, digital commercial print, immersive interaction, information management, intelligent infrastructure and sustainability. From the proposals, 59 were selected for the award.

"Our goal with this program is to collaborate with the brightest minds from around the world to tackle the industry's most complex problems and push the frontiers of fundamental science," said Prith Banerjee, senior vice president, Research, director of HP labs and former dean of the UIC College of Engineering.

"UIC has demonstrated outstanding achievement and a vision that will help inspire technological innovation and address the most complex challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the next decade," Banerjee added.


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