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Alumnus gives back to support Honors College business students

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Kevin Desouza and his wife, Sally

UIC alumnus Kevin Desouza and his wife, Sally, are funding a endowment that will provide a scholarship each year to an Honors College student studying business.

A new scholarship funded by a UIC graduate will assist Honors College business students whose leadership in extracurricular activities adds to the quality of life on campus.

Honors College and College of Business Administration alumnus Kevin Desouza and his wife, Sally, are funding an endowment that will annually award a scholarship to an Honors College business student who meets outstanding campus community leadership and academic qualifications.

Preference will go to international students or U.S. permanent residents.

The Desouza Family Endowment Fund established by Kevin and Sally honors the sacrifices his mother and father made to put him and his siblings through college.

Kevin earned a bachelor of science in accounting and information and decision sciences in 2000 and a doctorate in management information systems in 2006.

His brother Kenneth, also a UIC Honors College alumnus, earned his bachelor of science in accounting and finance. Their sister Karishma earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting from the University of Virginia.

Both brothers were active leaders in campus organizations as undergraduates.

Kevin Desouza is associate professor and director of the Institute for Innovation in Information Management at the University of Washington.

He holds adjunct appointments in UW’s engineering college and school of public affairs and he is an affiliate faculty member of the university’s Center for American Politics and Public Policy.

Sally Desouza, who holds an Ed.S. degree, is a certified school psychologist in a public school system near Seattle.

“We believe that all students should receive encouragement for their dreams and aspirations, through support of their undergraduate studies,” Sally wrote in a blog entry about the new scholarship.

“We hope to support the best and brightest at UIC — students who not only excel academically but who also go beyond the classroom and make a positive impact on the UIC community through community service and leadership in student organizations.”

Honors College dean Bette Bottoms, psychology professor and vice provost for undergraduate affairs, welcomed the Desouzas’ contribution.

“He loved his time in the Honors College and wants to make it easier for other students to have similar experiences,"Bottoms said. "With this scholarship, he and Sally will support current honors students who share their passion for learning that goes above and beyond the classroom.”

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