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Student oases star in video contest

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Lecture Center C oasis

UIC has 26 student oases, including this one in Lecture Center C, where students can collaborate with classmates, relax and study. Students can submit videos of their experiences in oases to win an iPad.

Photo: Kathryn Marchetti

If you walk by one of UIC’s 26 student oases — informal spaces for students to study and relax on campus — you’ll likely see students surfing the web on smartphones or laptops.

But one UIC student who likes to hang out in oases will soon have a new gadget to explore — an iPad.

A contest sponsored by the Office of Campus Learning Environments invites students to submit videos about their experiences in the student oases, with an iPad or $500 as the prize.

“We want to highlight why these student oases are so important to the student experience,” said Wendy Wagoner, of the Office of Campus Learning Environments.

The two- to three-minute videos, due May 16, should be filmed in at least one of the campus’s oases.

“We’re looking for creativity, inspiration and to really understand why the oases are important to the students,” Wagoner said.

Students can learn more about the contest at information sessions from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Thursday in the Lincoln Hall and Lecture Center A student oases.

A group of undergraduate business students is organizing a marketing campaign for the contest in their Marketing 474 class, taught by David Koehler, clinical assistant professor of managerial studies.

So far, the group has designed informational posters, organized a Facebook page and made a sample YouTube video to encourage submissions. They’ve also hosted information sessions where students could learn about the contest.

“Some of the students had no idea what an oasis was, but once we said ‘couches’ or ‘lounges,’ they were like, ‘I’ve been there,’” said Francisco Perez, a senior in entrepreneurship.

The contest teaches students about the role of student oases on campus, Wagoner said.

“When we started creating these oases, they were literal oases in a sea of concrete,” she said. “A lot of people don’t associate ‘oases’ with the student lounges, and we need to reinforce the brand.”

The marketing campaign is a hands-on project for the business students as well.

“It’s real-life experience, and it’s interesting because you can see how marketing actually works,” said Pavan Patel, a senior in marketing.


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