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"If the child is horrendously disruptive — self-injury and hurting themselves — yes, use medication in young children. But it's always cautious to wait until they're a bit older than 5."

Mani Pavuluri, director of the Pediatric Brain Research and Intervention Center, on prescribing medications for young children with mental illness, May 23 CNN.com

"We're very excited about these guys being here. To have an organization like the Heat in here using our facility to get ready for the Bulls … it's just great."

Head men's basketball coach Howard Moore on the Miami Heat's practice at the Flames Athletic Center, May 17 Chicago Tribune

"We recognize that there are stories that still need to be told, and we hope to inspire people to do that."

Jennifer Brier, associate professor of gender and women's studies, on the new exhibit she co-curated at the Chicago History Museum, "Out in Chicago," May 18 Windy City Times

“Probably the best analogy would be the curtains on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. This was the entry point. This is where the star would come through."

Walter Podrazik, visiting lecturer in communication and consulting curator at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, about the doors from the Oprah Winfrey Show that are on display at the museum, May 18 WBBM-AM

“TIFs are picked specifically because they are often in areas in which there’s a development planned. These are areas where you would expect development.”

David Merriman, professor of public administration, on whether rising property values in tax increment financing districts result from TIF or from development that would have taken place without TIF, May 19 Crain's Chicago Business

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