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Must-haves: trash bags, Xbox

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Nick DeNotto, right, of South Barrington, gets help from his mom and grandmother as he moves into the Student Residence and Commons.

Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin

“My computer,” freshman Adam Strumberger replied when asked which of the furnishings he was hauling into the dorm is most important.

Freshman Nick DeNotto’s answer was equally candid and possibly more honest.

“My Xbox,” he said.

Adam and Nick were among 1,300 freshmen moving into 10 residence halls last Wednesday — official move-in day for the new school year.

Adam, who will study English and hopes to be a professor one day, was moving in with help from his parents.

They loaded everything into their minivan and made it in one trip from their Streamwood home.

“We took the seats out,” he said.

He chose to live on campus because “it’s easier, and I want to be in the city. It’s a change of pace.”

Nick, who lives in South Barrington, agreed.

“I like to be downtown.”

A future business major, he moved into Student Residence and Commons South with the aid of his mother and grandmother.

Pointing to a pile of provisions, his grandmother, Dolores Siok, said, “The big trash bags here are for when he brings his laundry home.”

Paige Parola, who plans to become a nutritionist/dietician, said she “probably brought too much. Especially clothes.”

With the help of her mother, aunt and 5-year-old cousin Kyle, Paige hauled two carloads of stuff from Mundelein.

She eschewed commuting because “it’s a lot of traveling, and I wanted the college experience.”

Michelle Chan, who will study marketing, moved into the Courtyard residence hall with help from her parents and two younger sisters.

“Naperville is all I’ve ever known,” she said. “It’s a big change from suburban life to city life. I’m excited.”

Susan Teggatz, director of campus housing, noted that all freshmen are encouraged to move in the Wednesday before classes begin, while upperclassmen have the rest of the week.

Move-in was the first of New Student Days, with a raft of events scheduled through the weekend.

The Freshman Dinner was scheduled for the end of the first day, with UIC alumnus Jim Compton, vice president of United Airlines, and Flames basketball head coach Howard Moore.

Other scheduled events, many of them free, included trips to Oak Street Beach, Shedd Aquarium, Cubs and Sox games, Willis Tower, Michigan Avenue for shopping, and a Blue Man Group performance.

“It’s all to help the freshmen get to know each other and the university and start building community,” Teggatz said.

Fifty resident students helped the freshmen move in, she said.

So did 16 members of Theta Chi fraternity.

“Our motto is ‘A helping hand.’ That’s what we’re doing today,” said senior Brian Runo.


Below: Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares chats with Christin Zito, a freshman in business, at Move-In Day Aug. 17.

Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin

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