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Linda Skitka

"Events like 9/11 threaten people's values and how they believe the world works, and so people go through what's called 'value protection.' We reassure ourselves that our values are still good — we do this by being nice, by being more patriotic, displaying the flag, donating blood and doing things like giving to charities."

Psychology professor Linda Skitka on the aftermath of 9/11, Sept. 11 Deseret News

"One clear-cut reaction when the earthquake hit was 'Oh my God, it's terrorism.'"It's in the back of people's minds. They fear it's another attack."

Judith Richman, professor of epidemiology in psychiatry who studies the impact of 9/11 on mental health, on the events that trigger New Yorkers’ fears of a repeat terrorist attack, Sept. 9 Reuters

"It would probably send a profound shock wave through labor markets."

Robert Bruno, professor of labor education, on a proposed right-to-work law in Michigan, traditional stronghold of organized labor, Sept. 5 Detroit News

"Local governments are in a hard place right now. The real estate market is so bad, so their property tax base is declining and they'll get squeezed with less state aid. They will have more demand for services. It's kind of tough all over."

David Merriman, professor of public administration, on cities caught between the economic crisis and the need to raise taxes, Sept. 11 Peoria Journal Star

"One of the identified barriers, particularly in young adolescents and adults, is that they just don't go to the doctor, so the traditional health care setting turns out to be not a very good avenue for administering adolescents the vaccines.”

Rachel Caskey, instructor in medicine, on the low number of girls getting HPV vaccinations, Sept. 7 Chicago Tribune

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