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Enrollment hits record high

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Students head to class, walking between SES and SEL on the east side of campus. The number of transfer, international and returning students is up this fall.

Photo: Joshua Clark

UIC enrollment reached its highest count yet this semester — 27,580 total students, according to 10th-day enrollment statistics.

This fall’s enrollment, up 1 percent from last fall, also marks the highest undergraduate headcount since 1985 and sets new records for graduate and professional student enrollment.

UIC’s student body includes 16,911 undergraduates, 8,012 graduate students and 2,657 professional students.

“We’re very gratified that more and more students are coming to UIC to learn from our outstanding faculty and take advantage of our wide range of excellent academic programs,” Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares said.

The number of freshmen dropped slightly from 3,204 last fall to 3,115 this year, but new transfer student enrollment was 9 percent above enrollment targets, with 1,522.

“It speaks very highly of the university’s reputation within the community college system,” said Kevin Browne, vice provost for academic and enrollment services.

International student enrollment increased by 4 percent — the first increase since 2007.

Continuing student enrollment was up 3 percent for undergraduate and graduate students.

“Certainly, what I would expect to see from a world-class university is participation from students from global backgrounds,” Browne said. “The reputation of the campus is spreading well beyond the borders of the United States.”

The racial-ethnic profile was similar to last year, with no single group a majority. Latinos are the fastest-growing population, with an 8 percent increase.

Despite the record-breaking enrollment, rooms are still available in campus residence halls.

“The economy seems to still be affecting students’ choices to live on campus,” said Susan Teggatz, director of campus housing.

But Teggatz said she’s seen a trend among students who do live on campus.

“We continue to show that students who live on campus persist from one year to another at higher rates at students who don’t — they can focus on their studies and they’re in an environment where others are focused on the same goals.”

Just over 3,400 students live in campus residence halls, which can house 3,800 students, Teggatz said.

Total enrollment for the entire U of I system is about 79,000 this fall.


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