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University sees record number of applications

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UIC welcomes new students and their families to campus at convocation Sunday in the UIC Pavilion. Stormy weather meant the picnic afterwards was held indoors in the pavilion.

Photo: Joshua Clark

A record number of prospective freshmen applied to the three University of Illinois campuses for fall semester, with over four times more applications than available seats.

University-wide, nearly 48,000 applications were received for about 10,200 seats in the freshman class, up by nearly 2,800 from a year ago.

UIC reported 14,976 applications for about 2,900 seats. The Urbana-Champaign campus received 31,454 applications for about 6,900 seats; at UIS, 1,553 students applied for about 300 seats.

“I think the reputation of Chicago particularly as a place to live helps this campus to recruit students,” said University President Bob Easter.

“Within the UIC culture we use Chicago as a collaborator,” UIC Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares agreed. “It’s part of the learning experience.”

Official enrollment figures will not be reported until mid-September, but enrollment has risen to all-time highs for several years, including a record 77,635 students university-wide last fall.

The record applications reflect the value of a University of Illinois education, Easter said.

“There is no better barometer of our academic excellence and value than students who have their pick of schools across the country, and who choose the University of Illinois,” he said.

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