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"Coping with the future" is goal of new medical director

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William Chamberlin, former chief of medicine at Michael Reese Hospital, was named medical director of the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center.

His new titles also include senior associate dean for medical staff affairs in the College of Medicine.

Chamberlin will work with the medical staff and medical center administration to ensure that UIC provides the highest quality patient care in a climate of financial threats to health care delivery.

"Dr. Chamberlin is trained and experienced in continuous quality improvement and service line administration -- two concepts we've endorsed as being critical to our culture and future success," said Sid Mitchell, medical center executive director.

"His role is to work closely with the physicians and to coordinate clinical activity to enhance the day-to-day operations of the hospital, making the flow of patient care more satisfying to patients, physicians and staff."

Chamberlin said he came to UIC because he saw "the university and the medical center working hard to cope with the future."

"The financial challenges facing health care in general, and medical education in particular, are substantial. Medical education is still hospital-based, yet hospitals will have increasingly difficult times affording education programs," he said.

"I saw at UIC a progressive administration and College of Medicine dean's office that want to attack those issues head on."

The position of medical director reflects a trend to redefine the traditional chief-of-staff role into one that integrates both medicine and administration.

"These are difficult times," Chamberlin said. "I expect to represent the physicians to the administration and the administration to the physicians."

Chamberlin, who specializes in critical care and internal medicine, received his medical degree from UIC in 1974.

He earned a BA from Macalester College, St. Paul, Minn., and did postgraduate work in internal medicine and critical care at Baylor Affiliated Hospitals in Houston, Texas.

His "professional avocation" is computers, and he has worked on the use of computer programs in intensive care since 1979.

At Michael Reese, he wrote programs on pharmacology and drug kinetics.

Chamberlin is a past president of the Society of Clinical Data Management Systems and president of the Research and Education Foundation of the Michael Reese medical staff.

Chamberlin's family has lived on Chicago's South Side since 1908; he and his wife, Kathleen Campbell, live in the South Shore Bryn Mawr area.

An avid sailor, he competes in the Chicago to Mackinac race each year; other interests include scuba diving, water sports and antiques.

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