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2017 UIC Campus Charitable Fund Drive

November 22, 2017

2017 UIC Campus Charitable Fund Drive (CCFD)
Each year, UIC employees can donate to a variety of charitable organizations through the annual State and University Employee Combined Appeal (SECA). Throughout the University of Illinois system, this fund drive is known as the Campus Charitable Fund Drive (CCFD). SECA is comprised of twelve Federation Charities, representing over 1,500 charitable agencies.
At UIC, our goal is to continually increase employee participation and overall pledge dollars for the annual Campus Charitable Fund Drive.
To aid in this state and university-wide campaign, UIC departments are asked to designate a CCFD Ambassador to lead department employees through this annual donation cycle.
There are two ways for UIC employees to contribute during the annual CCFD campaign.
Continuous payroll deduction: Employees who contribute through continuous payroll deduction have a designated amount withdrawn from their check each pay period. Designations are ongoing and continue until the employee requests a change or cancellation request in writing. At any time throughout the year a UIC employee can create, adjust, or cancel their continuous payroll deduction.
One-time donation: Employees may give a one-time donation to one or more charities of their choice by completing the One-Time Direct Gift section of the CCFD pledge form. An employee can donate as an individual or a group of employees can combine their efforts and make one larger donation. One Time Direct Gift checks are made payable to “Campus Chest” and should be submitted with the completed pledge form to UIC Human Resources, Special Programs/CCFD, MC 897.
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For more information about the UIC Campus Charitable Fund Drive or the SECA campaign, please visit the “Charitable Giving at UIC” webpage at








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