Institute for the Humanities

Adding Events and Classified Ads

Please read the Policies for Use of the UIC Events Calendar before posting items. For more information on the UICal for department or personal calendars, see the ACCC documentation.

Adding New Items

UIC Bluestem login is required to add events and classified ads.

Date and Times

Use Event Dates for events occur that on specific dates, with or without specific times, such as a lecture or a concert. If the event has a specific date, but not a time, select All Day or Holiday. If the event happens on a consistent recurring basis, you can use the recurring feature to automatically make it appear on multiple dates.

Whether you are posting an event or a classified ad, you have the option to use Notification Dates to include your item in the daily UIC Announcement email messages. Your event or ad will still appear in the listings on the UIC Event Calendar, but it will be listed using the dates of the notifications instead of using the values from the Event Dates section.


Required. Enter a title of your event or ad.


Required. Select one or more categories. Doing so allows users to search for items of a specific type. For example, if your event is a musical performance, you would select Performing Arts as your event category. Select Other if your event does not fit into a particular category.

Sponsoring department

Optional. Enter the name of the UIC department, college, or organization sponsoring the event.

Contact email address

Required.Enter an email address which will appear with your event listing for people who want to contact someone for more information about the event.

Contact phone

Optional. Enter a phone number, including the area code, which will appear with your event listing for people who want to contact someone for more information about the event.


Required. Select one or more audience categories to designate who is the intended audience for your event. This value will also be used to target email announcements.

Admission Fee

Optional. If there is an admission fee for your event, enter it here.


If your event will be held on campus, select from the list of buildings the location of your event. Note that adding an event to the Event Calendar DOES NOT schedule space or services. Enter additional details such as floor or room number in the next field.

If the event does not take place in a UIC building, you can enter the location in the Room/Location field.

Additional information

If you have a Web site with more information about your event, enter the complete address (URL) here. Enter a description of the event in the textbox.

Modifying Items

To modify or delete an event you have previously created, click Modify or Delete an Event in the left-hand list of links. Your UIC Bluestem login name and password are used for the calendar login.

You will need to search for your event using the left-side options of selecting the date on the calendar, date range or keyword search, or type of event search. Once you have found the event in the listings, select your event. In addition to the details about the event, you will also see options at the bottom of the event to Delete or Modify the event.