Chancellor Message 10/15/10

Message to Campus

Dear Colleagues,

All of us who serve the University - whether that service is measured in decades, years, or even weeks - recognize that the University of Illinois and its campuses are operating in a climate of great financial adversity not seen since the Great Depression.

Change, financial stress and uncertainty can often prompt rumors and speculation. While we cannot answer every concern, we wanted to write to you regarding some of the more serious questions that have been circulating, particularly around the proposed creation of a Vice President for Health Affairs. We also want to encourage your participation and active engagement in upcoming consultative meetings regarding this proposed reorganization; this is an opportunity to share your comments, concerns and suggestions. Times of historic challenge require thoughtful, effective and far-reaching solutions.

The University has three unique campuses, and the University as a whole can better succeed if its campuses are strong, vital institutions. The proposed reorganization is not an attempt to eliminate campus identities, but rather to achieve greater collaboration and operating efficiencies so we can remain equal to our aspirations.

UIC today is an institution of growing national and international prominence. It has a record enrollment of 27,300 students and is among the nation's most diverse universities. The Great Cities Commitment is a profound expression not only of UIC's values, but of its value to metropolitan areas in Illinois and around the world. UIC plays a key role in educating Illinois' health professionals. All of these attributes and successes are a result of vision - including the 1982 merger that created the modern UIC - and a great deal of scholarship, talent and hard work by many dedicated faculty, staff and students across 15 colleges. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen this legacy.

The six health sciences colleges are part of UIC and will remain so. The health sciences colleges and the education of health professionals is a core part of UIC's mission and identity, and the deans of those colleges will continue to report to UIC's Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The University's Senates are engaged in a process of broad consultation. Again, we encourage all of you to become involved in this process and to share your comments and concerns. The Senates' reports to the Board of Trustees need to fully reflect the experience and expertise of our entire community. This cannot be accomplished without your participation. Announcements regarding the campus' consultative meetings scheduled for Wednesday, October 21 and Thursday, October 27 were emailed to the campus yesterday.

In its long history, the University of Illinois has not only survived times of challenge but emerged as a stronger, more vibrant and more relevant institution. The creation of UIC in 1982 was a reflection of the University's growth and tradition of positive response to society's changing needs and expanding horizons. We are confident that the University will rise to the challenges of our own day just as our predecessors did.

Thank you for all you do for the students, patients and the public UIC serves.


Michael J. Hogan

Paula Allen-Meares