Chancellor Message 1/30/12

Message to Campus
RE Six Overarching Goals of the UIC campus

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome the New Year by reintroducing the Six Overarching Goals of the UIC campus. These goals are the result of two plus years of strategic thinking and planning with faculty, staff and students; they represent ideas honed collaboratively in workshops, breakfast meetings, discussions, roundtables, task forces and UIC’s Administrative Review and Restructuring process.

As we think about our own personal resolutions for 2012, let us also be mindful of UIC’s objectives for the future. These shared goals can serve to guide our planning and decisions as we harness the energy and resources necessary to place UIC in a premier position locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Please take time to review our goals; it is in our collective best interest to plan strategically and to grow together as the premier public research institution in a global city.

UIC will always stand for access to excellence and success, committed to transformative impact through research, pedagogy, clinical care and service.

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to UIC. Happy 2012 to you and yours….and, GO FLAMES!


Paula Allen-Meares
Vice President of the University of Illinois
Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago
John Corbally Presidential Professor

2011-2012 Six Overarching Goals

Submitted by UIC Chancellor and Vice President Paula Allen-Meares

UIC is a premier urban public research institution: Our institution is deeply committed to academic excellence, student success and transformative impact; it is a research-intensive university with scholarship focused on urban resilience, social justice, social science, community health, economic and educational disparities, the arts, the humanities, the natural sciences, and biomedical and bioengineering discovery. We are a campus with a global perspective strongly rooted in Chicago, but with a statewide presence and responsibility. We operate health science campuses in Peoria, Rockford, Urbana-Champaign and the Quad Cities. UIC stands for excellence and is committed to transformative impact through research, pedagogy, healthcare and service.

Our Commitment and Goals: UIC faculty and its leadership have identified several strategic priorities at the intersection of our core strengths and opportunities. Developed collaboratively in a variety of strategic planning workshops and discussions, five campus task forces and the university-wide Administrative Review and Restructuring Report process, these action items are designed to meet anticipated societal needs and to place UIC in a strong position locally, regionally and nationally in the years ahead.

UIC will advance six overarching goals:

  1. Focus on our academic excellence, student access and student success
  2. Emphasize transformative impact and the social good
  3. Grow our translational, entrepreneurial and engaged research and discovery enterprise to include many approaches to knowing
  4. Foster diversity and a global perspective
  5. Honor and partner with Chicago and the State to enhance the human condition of its citizens
  6. Innovate within to build greater efficiencies and future strengths

1. Focus on our academic excellence, STUDENT access and STUDENT success

  • Continue to promote pride in UIC’s teaching excellence, encouraging models of instruction and support that maximize learning outcomes for all learning styles and offering lifetime educational opportunities
  • Recruit excellent students and provide necessary support, particularly in advising and financial aid.
  • Provide excellent experiential learning programs and services. Identify areas for additional enhancement, particularly in study abroad and learn-and-earn opportunities.
  • Emphasize student success with a multi-year plan to improve 6 and 4-year graduation rates.
  • Expand a major UIC e-learning initiative to provide more blended, online and online supplemented coursework for undergraduate, graduate, international and adult learners.
  • Enhance our students’ educational experience with exposure to and engagement with arts, the humanities, and cultural opportunities.

2. Emphasize transformative impact and THE social good

  • Continue our passion and commitment to improve the social good, locally and globally, through our research, teaching, healthcare and service missions.
  • Reinvigorate the Great Cities Commitment and continue to grow its community, local, regional and national presence, striving for international relevance.
  • Explore the creation of programs and Centers of Excellence on health, educational and economic disparities by integrating cross-campus research, education, practice and training, and by partnering with external collaborators. Pursue cluster hires and other research opportunities supported by the Offices of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Research.

3. Grow our translational research and discovery enterprise TO INCLUDE MANY APPROACHES TO KNOWING AND DISCOVERING

  • Continue to grow our research enterprise with thematic focus areas in some of our greatest strengths: urban resilience; health, education and economic disparities; biomedical discovery; informatics and other relevant areas.
  • Build upon our nation-leading strength in educating underrepresented minority scientists, engineers, social scientists, educators and health care and human services professionals to better meet the state and country’s needs.
  • Encourage and emphasize collaboration between UIC’s east and west campuses, and reinforce links with UIUC and UIS.   Enhance interdisciplinary research opportunities and engagement with public, private, corporate, non-profit and governmental organizations.
  • Increase internal and external recognition of UIC’s research portfolio through marketing campaigns, community outreach, organizational affiliations, and other initiatives.
  • Increase faculty disclosures of discoveries and intellectual property through streamlined OVCR processes.

4.  Foster diversity and a global perspective

  • Continue to foster scholarship and practices that reflect the increasing diversity of the U.S. in a rapidly globalizing world.
  • Enhance our study abroad programs, international agreements, partnerships and affiliations through improved collaboration between UIC colleges and the Department of International Affairs.
  • Increase globally focused research and cross-national comparative research, faculty and student exchange programs, and international agreements that foster research collaborations.
  • Create curricular and co-curricular opportunities for our students to gain a broader understanding of the world, making these programs a hallmark of a UIC education.
  • Implement the Cluster Hire Initiative; establish an Office of Diversity; hire a Chief Diversity Officer.

5. Honor and partner with Chicago and the State of Illinois to enhance the human condition of its citizens

  • Honor our relationship with the city of Chicago, working with city and regional institutions as well as neighborhood groups to create positive impact and mutually-beneficial outcomes.
  • Refresh UIC’s Great Cities Institute to focus on current urban needs and opportunities within Chicago and beyond.
  • Continue and grow UIC’s important healthcare work in Chicago neighborhoods, rural communities and throughout the State of Illinois, with a focus on health disparities, broadly defined.
  • Continue and grow UIC’s partnership with the Chicago Public Schools.
  • Continue and grow UIC’s partnerships with the City Colleges of Chicago and other state, private and corporate stakeholders.
  • Build on the successful re-opening of Hull House to expand UIC’s connection with Chicago’s cultural community and to increase educational and cultural programming for Chicago area residents.

6. Innovate within to build GREATER EFFICIENCIES and future strengths

  • Improve the university’s operational efficiency, including streamlined administrative and business functions and enhanced IT infrastructure. Become a more nimble, innovative and responsive institution.
  • Address the institution’s aging infrastructure and deferred maintenance needs with a multi-year plan.
  • Implement a robust marketing and communications plan to increase UIC’s visibility and enhance its image locally, regionally, nationally and globally.