Chancellor Message 2/8/11

Message to Campus
RE UIC Faculty Awards Website

UIC boasts an outstanding faculty across our broad spectrum of academic endeavors. The number of national recognitions, however, is not commensurate with the faculty's stellar accomplishments. In an effort to identify and advocate UIC faculty for memberships in the national academies, a year ago we established the UIC National Academies Committee. The committee is developing strategies to position and advance our faculty for consideration in the national academies and honorific societies.

To assist with this process, UIC needs a comprehensive list of honors, awards and memberships currently held by UIC faculty to get a snapshot of their work, research and activities. We have compiled an initial database with input from our colleges, though the list remains incomplete. This is why we need your help.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs has launched a new website to list UIC faculty members of national academies and recipients of awards and fellowships that are included in the AAU membership indicators. This list also includes honorific and discipline-specific societies, fellowships and awards.

Please visit this website to be certain your awards and memberships, or those of colleagues you support, are included. If your name is missing from the list, or if you recently received a national award, you may submit the information on this website as well.

UIC is proud of our faculty and their achievements, and we need to shine a bright light on their contributions to our community, city, nation and world. By taking the time to visit this website and making sure the information is accurate, you can help us toward this goal.


Paula Allen-Meares
John Corbally Presidential Professor