Can I get a hardcopy copy of the training curriculum and videotapes?

The curriculum and videotapes can be ordered at cost. If you have questions placing this order, send an email to the Dr. Jim Gleeson via the Contact Us web page or call Dr. Gleeson at (312) 996-0042.

I have several questions regarding the exercises in the training curriculum. Is there someone I can speak with to have my questions answered?

Yes, contact Dr. Jim Gleeson or Faith Bonecutter who were the authors of the curriculum. The contact information can be obtained under the Contact Us webpage.

Whom should I contact if the website is not working properly on my computer?

Please email Jim Gleeson at (312) 996-0042 or email him at

How can I find out more information about purchasing consultation or training?

You can contact Jim Gleeson at (312) 996-0042 or email him at