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About Admissions

The MSW admissions process is designed to ensure that the Jane Addams College of Social Work has a talented and diverse student body committed to social, economic, and racial justice. Applicants should submit applications according to the following schedule:

Options Application Period
1. Full-time (Domestic applications) October 1 to January 15
2. PM (Domestic applications) October 1 to January 15
3. Advanced Standing October 1 to January 15

4. Transfers From Other CSWE accredited MSW programs

October 1 to January 15
5. International applications   October 1 to January 15

All applications should be complete at the time of submission. Incomplete applications will be placed in a holding file, pending receipt of the missing information. Applicants will be informed regarding missing information and have the responsibility to complete their application by the deadline for the option that is of interest to them. Missing information should be sent directly to the Admissions and Financial Aid Office at the College.

Applicants should note also that several factors are considered in an effort to determine if an applicant meets the requirements for admission and has the potential to be a good social worker, consistent with the values and mission of the Jane Addams College of Social Work. These factors include, but are not limited to, the ability to do graduate work, strong writing skills, good and relevant experiences, and commitment to the mission of the College. The admissions process is designed to result in a decision that applicants either meet or do not meet the requirements for admission to the College. All applications submitted are reviewed and given consideration.

Submission of the admission application and the admission decision are only two steps in the process followed in enrolling students in the College. It is important, therefore, that individuals respond promptly to communications from the College as well to keep the College informed of any changes in plans or situations.