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Ecology and Evolution Group

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Institutional Affiliations

The Field Museum of Natural History
The Brookfield Zoo
The Lincoln Park Zoo
The Morton Arboretum
Argonne National Laboratory

In addition to the Ecology and Evolution core faculty, a number of colleagues at other institutions or in other departments at UIC hold adjunct or affiliate faculty positions, adding to the groups strength in research, in teaching and in access to incomparable expertise and facilities. These include:

John Bates, The Field Museum
Rudiger Bieler, The Field Museum
Carl Dick, Western Kentucky University
Joanne Earnhardt, Lincoln Park Zoo
Kevin Feldheim, The Field Museum
Lance Grande, The Field Museum
Kayri Havens, Chicago Botanic Garden
Lawrence Heaney, The Field Museum
Sabine Huhndorf, The Field Museum
Robert Lacy, Chicago Zoological Society
Scott Lidgard, The Field Museum
Eric Lonsdorf, Franklin and Marshall College
D'Arcy Meyer-Dombard, UIC Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gregory Mueller, Chicago Botanic Garden
Bruce Patterson, The Field Museum
Oliver Pergams, Olive-Harvey College
Roy Plotnick, UIC Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Petra Sierwald , The Field Museum
Steven Thompson, Lincoln Park Zoo
Christopher Whelan, Illinois Natural History Survey and Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie