The Hong Research Group is located in the Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences at University of Illinois at Chicago. The newly-renovated first-class laboratory is located within the UIC college of pharmacy that is in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, which includes the University of Illinois Medical Center, Rush University Hospitals, and other health science colleges and hospitals.


Our research focus lies at the interface of materials science, biology and nanotechnology to develop novel polymeric nanodevices for biological analysis, diagnostics and therapeutics. The ultimate goal of our laboratory is to achieve marriage of biomimetics and nanotechnology. Our work is being conducted in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment that provides opportunities for students with backgrounds and/or interests in chemistry, engineering, biology, medicine and pharmaceutical sciences.

More specifically, we are interested in understanding and controlling biological interactions of polymers with cells at the nano-scale. The fundamental understanding will lead us to more translational cancer research fields including: i) Targeted drug delivery with enhanced targeting efficacy using newly designed nanocarriers; ii) Local, transdermal delivery of drugs such as chemo-preventive medicine; and iii) Biomimetic multifunctional devices for effective detection and isolation of rare cells such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

Hong Lab 2013

From left to right, Seungpyo Hong, Ashley Cha, Jason Bugno, Suhair Sunoqrot, Ryan Pearson, Yang Yang, Kevin Tam, Jeeho Lee, Hao-jui Hsu, Frehiwot Gebrehiwot, Matthew Pasco, Ja Hye Myung

Missing members: Marilyn Gaske



Our review paper entitled "Tweaking Dendrimers and Dendritic Nanoparticles for Controlled Nano-bio Interactions: Potential Nanocarriers for Improved Cancer Targeting" is accepted for publication by Journal of Drug Targeting. The paper will appear in a special issue honoring Prof. Robert Langer who receives the life time achievement award from the journal. The authors are the first author Jason, Hao-jui, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Jeeho is back to join the lab over the summer. Jeeho, our former high school researcher, is now a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan. Welcome back!


Dr. Hong joins ASME Nanoscience Coference held in Minneapolis, MN, to give an invited talk and to chair a "Targeted Drug Delivery" session.


The spin-off company from the lab, Capio Biosciences, Inc. is highlihgted by the OVCR office of the university!


Seung-ri Lee, a recent PharmD graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, joins the lab. Welcome Dr. Lee!


Dr. Sin-jung Park joins the lab as Postdoctoral Associate. Dr. Park graduated with PhD from The Catholic University of Korea. Welcome Dr. Park!


A 2006 paper that Dr. Hong first authored is selected as one of the top 25 articlesin the first 25 years of Biooconjugate Chemistry! http://pubs.acs.org/page/bcches/thematic/25th-anniversary.html


Dr. Hong visits the University of Nebraska Medical Center's NanoMedicine Center, delivering a center seminar on our reserch topics: Drug Delivery and Tumor Cell capturing using dendritic nanomaterials.


Dr. Hong visits India, joining two conferences in New Delhi and Chandigargh. He is one of the invited speakers for the Indo-US NanoEngineering Workshop held at AIIMS in New Dehli and the NanoScience and Engineering Conference held in Chandigargh. He also participates in a forum discussing future directions of the research strategy with Dr. K. VijayRaghavan, the Secretary of Department of Biotechnology of Indian Government.


Dr. Hong visits Korea and China, giving in total of 8 invited talks at IBEC 2014, Chunnam National University, Yonsei University, Korea University of Science and Technology, KAIST, KIST, Donghua University, and Amway China.


Dr. Hong joins N.I.C.E. Meeting held in Nice, France to give a talk related to our biomimetic approaches for effective capture and isolation of circulating tumor cells.


Dr. Hong visits the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to give a seminar in the Radiation Oncology Department.