Our Laboratory is located in the Molecular Biology Research Building.

The new lab. is well equipped to carry out all aspects of the research conducted in a structural biology laboratory:

Expression of recombinant proteins 

We conduct initial analytical expression experiments with our small shaker. Large scale expression(up to 12 liters at once!) is done with our INFORS shakers. These great shakers do not require clamps to hold down flasks, and have cooling capabilities. The latter is important in limiting inclusion-body formation. We have access to a variety of centrifuges, and are especially happy with our Sorval 3B centrifuge that can spin up to 6 liters of culture at a time!


Protein purification  

We currently have three purification systems: for low pressure we use the Bio-Rad Econo System, mostly for affinity chromatography (e.g. His-tag, or GST-tag). In addition we have two higher pressure systems, a Pharmacia FPLC Classic, and a Waters System, which we use with our Hi-Load gel-filteration columns and for running ion-exchange chromatography (i.e. Mono Q).



X-ray data collection

Our in-house X-ray equipment consists of a Rigaku rotating anode generator and two area detectors. One, an RaxisIV, the other an RaxisIIc image plate systems. For both we have a cryo-system. The data collection is controlled by two Pentium PCs.

  •   Crystal growth
    • Structural solution and refinement
    • Celebrating new and exciting structures
    • Pursuing Medical and Pharmaceutical applications