What is Luminescence? Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Sediment Context Collection Procedures

Steven L. Forman

Ph.D., 1986, University of Colorado-Boulder
B.S., 1981, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Quaternary environments, Paleoclimatology, Eolian depositional systems, Arctic land-sea interactions, Neotectonics, Geochronology and luminescence dating

Room 2456
Phone (312) 413-9404

James M. Pierson
Research Engineering Assistant

M.S. Physics - University of Cincinnati 1990
B.S. Astronomy - Case Western Reserve University 1988

Luminescence Dating, Data Modeling and Statistics, Experimental Design, Software Development, Scientific Instrument Design, Data Collection and Analysis

Room 3155
Phone (312) 996-9838

Jeanette Gomez
Research Specialist

1997, B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

Development of sediment sample preparation techniques. Conduct radiation-based experiments, gamma spectrometry and data collection and analysis.

Room 3164
Phone (312) 996-9838

Cara Crougham
Undergraduate Research Assistant

2004(expected), B.S., Environmental Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Sample Preparation, Laboratory Maintenance, Dose Rate Evaluation

Room 3164
Phone (312) 996-9838