Lab Group

Miquel A. Gonzalez-Meler


Research interests include stable isotope physiology, ecology and biogeochemistry
Jessica Rucks

Research Specialist

Research interests include urban agriculture, pollution, elevated CO2 studies, and soil respiration dynamics
Charlie Flower

Post Doc

Research interests include effects of invasive pests on ecosystem function and C and N cycles
Elena Blanc-Betes

PhD student

Research interets include potential feedbacks between Arctic ecosystems and the Global Climate System
Douglas Lynch

PhD Student

Research interests include carbon turnover in fine roots and fine-root processes in ecosystem scale models
Kellen Marshall-Gillespie

PhD student

Research interests include urban ecology and environmental justice
Douglas Johnston

PhD Student

Michael Ricketts

PhD Student

Research interests include microbial communities in the arctic tundra
Michelle Frack

Master's student

Historical ecosystem change assessed with stable isotopes
Beth Drewniak

PhD Student

Modeling agricultural and land cover/land use change impacts on climate
Jenny Dalton


Research interests include climate impacts on arctic ecosystems and feedback mechanisms
Summer 2013 Visiting Researchers Gabriela Pereyra
Lais Batista
Current Undergraduate Students Rosario Bartolomeo
Diana McClellan
Joy Tepley
Garima Shukla
Former Students Sarah O'Brien
Scott Graham
Rebecca Trueman
Lina Taneva
Former Post Docs Nuria Gomez-Casanovas
Gordon McNickle
Yaniria Sanchez de Leon
Former Visiting Researchers Luis Gomez, CeniCAFE
Sergey Oleynik