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Rebecca Trueman
PhD Candidate- Investigating effects of elevated CO2 on carbon flux through stable isotope analyses
BSc. McMaster University-Hamilton, Canada

Past Research Experience- Henry Schwarcz's Stable Isotope Laboratory at McMaster University

My Area of Research: Stable Isotopes in Ecosystem Science. My PhD thesis project will aim to use elevated depleted carbon dioxide as a label for tracing carbon flux in forest ecosystems. Stable Isotope analyses of the further depleted respired carbon dioxide should allows for a trace of ecosystem efficiency and allocation. The elevated carbon dioxide research sites that will be used in this project are Biosphere 2, Oak Ridge FACE site, and Duke FACE site. The three tree species are Cottonwood, Sweet gum and Loblolly Pine.

Past Research Projects

  • Chemical Soil Fractionation for Isotopic Analyses to determine age and plant type from Mayan sites in Belize. Henry Schwarcz, Martin Kynf, Elizabeth Webb.
  • Carbon and Nitrogen analysis of human bone from Apollonia to determine diet preference. Henry Schwarcz, Martin Kynf, Anne Keenleyside

Isotopic Analyses
Carbon isotope analysis of Organic Matter
Carbon and Nitrogen analyses of bone collagen
Carbonate tooth enamel analyses (Isocarb)
FTIR analysis of water and carbonates

Major Equipment Operating Qualifications
Optima Mass Spectrometer
Perkin-Elmer 283 dual beam Bio Rad FTS-40 Fourier Transform IR

Laboratory Techniques
Humic matter extraction from soil
Collagen extraction from human and animal remains


Contact Information:
e-mail: rtruem1@uic.edu

Ecology and Evolution
Dept Biological Sciences
University of Illinois, Chicago
845 W. Taylor st.
UIC, 3342 SES
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: office 312-9964584
lab 312-3550600 (voice)
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