Sample Analysis

Price List

EA only (%N, %C) $8.00
EA-IRMS (%N, %C, δ15N, δ13C) $10.00
GB-IRMS (δ13C) $25.00
CRDS (δ13C for CO2 and CH4) Contact us
Sample Prep: grinding, weighing $7/sample

*Price for analysis doubles for δ15N or δ13C enriched samples.
*Rush orders are available for triple the price of analysis.
*Negotiated rates are available for large volume orders and internal UIC members. Contact us: or

Sample Submission Form

Please contact Jessica ( before sending samples, with the Sample Submission Form completed. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT OF THE EXCEL DOCUMENT. Select the type of analysis you are requesting, and indicate if sample prep (grinding, weighing, both, or neither) will need to be completed at UIC.

UIC Stable Isotope Lab Standards List

Biotite (NBS30) NIST
Ammonium Sulfate (IAEA-N1) NIST
L-Glutamic Acid (USGS40) USGS
Acetanilide Costech Analytical
Sulfanilamide Costech Analytical
L-Hydroxyproline EMD Chemicals
L-SerineEMD Chemicals
Caffeine (EIGL CAF G-10) In house
Na2CO3 In house
BaCO3 In house
CaCO3 In house
Soil Standard In house
Leaf standard In house
Urea Mallinckrodt
Phenanthrene Fisons Instruments
BBOT Fisons Instruments