Map of Toolik Station

Research at Toolik Field Station

PhD student Elena Blanc-Betes is conducting research on potential feedbacks between Arctic ecosystems and the Global Climate System. By using stable- and radioisotopes, we are investigating the impacts of predicted increased precipitation and winter warming on geomorphology and geophysical properties in moist acidic tundra, and subsequent alterations of the ecosystem carbon dynamics. PhD student Michael Ricketts is investigating microbial communities in arctic tundra soils and how different metabolic pathways are utilized.

(All photos are courtesy of Michael Ricketts.)

Summer 2013

The research team: from left Postdoctoral Associate Charlie Flower, research assistant Nicole van Hoey, REU undergraduate Kaitlin Miller, Professor Gonzalez-Meler, syudy abroad undergraduate Gerard Aubanell, high school teacher Sarah Flower and graduate student Mike Ricketts investigate the effects of climate change in tundra ecosystems located in Northen Alaska.  
Experimental climate change study in Arctic tundra at Toolik Lake, Alaska. Professor Gonzalez-Meler and his group are investigating the effects of predicted climate change on tundra vegetation and its potential to modify the concentration of gerrnhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Summer 2012

Carrying gear to the field site Caribou Tundra chicken
Snow fence site Snow fence site Snow fence site slope
Science only! Ready for a day of field work! Soil coring tools
Caterpillar Jess and Elena Flora
Mike Mountain View from the site Mike pulling a soil core
Soil core hole Strategy Tussocks, a rough terrain
Souvenirs View from mountain top Northern Lights
Sunset at Toolik Lake, approx 11pm Sunset at 1 am Goodbye Toolik