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Information for potential graduate students and post-docs:

In fall 2015, I hope to admit one PhD student into our lab. I do not expect to admit any new Masters students. I am always interested in helping postdocs write proposals to do research in the lab.

In general, prospective graduate students should read over the information on the research page for ideas about potential projects. I am particularly interested in developing new research projects that focus on ecological issues in the Chicago area, and I have a number of projects in mind, but I also encourage students to develop their own independent research projects as long as they are related to (1) spatial heterogeneity and patterns in urban ecology, and/or (2) ecological consequences of urban development. For some good insights into graduate school, visit Hank Howe's web page. I also really like this essay about graduate school

UIC and the surrounding area present wonderful opportunities for ecological researchers and students. The academic community in the Department of Biological Sciences is very collegial and contains faculty with strengths in animal behavior, community ecology, and landscape genetics, among others. At UIC alone, we have many collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts such as IESP. We are also in the middle of a larger and intellectually vibrant research community including the Chicago Botanic Garden, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Field Museum, and nearby universities such as Northwestern and University of Chicago.

Information for potential undergraduate students:

Coming soon....