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Diagram of rat prostate.  Drawing by Oliver Putz, Ph.D.

Gail S. Prins, Ph.D, Primary Investigator




Lynn Birch, M.S.

Yongbing Pu, M.D.

Liwei Huang, M.D., Ph.D.

Oliver Putz, Ph.D.

Carl Woodham


Research Projects

Mailing Information:

University of Illinois at Chicago

Dept of Urology, M/C 955

820 S. Wood Street

Chicago, IL  60612-7310

(312) 996 - 7713 main office phone

(312) 996 - 1291 main office fax




Laboratory Location:

University of Illinois at Chicago

Dept of Urology

835 S. Wolcott Street, Room E508A

Chicago, IL  60612-7310

(312) 413 - 7771 main lab phone

(312) 996 - 9649 lab fax


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