Research goals: To elucidate the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders which lead to suicide, including mood disorders and schizophrenia. These studies will be conducted by the examination of genetic and transcriptional variation in patients relative to comparison groups. Through these investigations, we aim to identify novel biochemical targets for improved psychotropic medication and biological markers to facilitate diagnosis.


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Important Dates

3/14/13: CPB & Pharmacy Practice Seminar: "Estrogen, Depression, and Hippocampal Function". Lori L. McMahon, PhD. 12PM, 3rd Floor Library MBRB.

4/18/13: CPB & UICENTRE Seminar "Allosteric Modulators of GPCRs as a Novel Approach to Treatment of CNS Disorders". Jeff Conn, PhD. 12PM, 3rd Floor Library MBRB.

5/02/13: CPB & Pharmacy Practice Seminar "Genetic Variation and Alternative Transcripts in Human Brain Development and Schizophrenia". Joel E. Kleinman, PhD. 12PM, 3rd Floor Library MBRB.

9/12/13: CPB Seminar "Effects of G-Protein Coupled Receptors on Vessicle Fusion". Simon Alford, PhD. 12PM, 3rd Floor Library MBRB..

9/19/13: CPB Seminar "TBD". Janet Richmond, PhD. 12PM, 3rd Floor Library MBRB.

11/09/13-11/13/13: Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting; San Diego, CA.