Undergraduate Neuroscience

Bachelor of Science Degree In Neuroscience
There is a growing need to train students in neuroscience at the undergraduate level. Such training prepares students to start professional careers at the bachelor’s level in the rapidly growing commercial biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience provides the background for future graduate study and/or the study of medicine. Currently the University of Illinois at Chicago is the only college or university in Illinois that offers a major in neuroscience.

Once the undergraduate has fulfilled the basic course requirements, the program provides the student with an opportunity to concentrate electives and independent research in one of the four areas, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Chemistry or Philosophy. Thus each student graduates with a major in neuroscience but that major will have a distinctive flavor.

Program Administration

The Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience (LIN) sponsors and administers this program. LIN includes faculty members with interests in neuroscience from four departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These are: Biological Sciences, Psychology, Chemistry and Philosophy. To learn more about the activities of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and the participating faculty members, please see: www.uic.edu/las/LIN.

Tricia Stark and Vanessa Ricker are the advisors for the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. If students would like to meet with one of the advisors to review your credits and to plan your path to graduation with a degree in Neuroscience, please call 312-996-2211 and speak with an office assistant to schedule an appointment.

Professor Dave Featherstone, Department of Biological Sciences and Professor Dave Wirtshafter, Department of Psychology are Co-Directors of Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience.

The curriculum is intended for students planning advanced study in neuroscience; those who will be pursing a medical degree, and those seeking employment and careers in the life sciences upon completing their bachelor’s degree.
The 200-level introductory feeder courses are BioS 286 and Psch 262. In other words, you must complete either BioS 286 or Psch 262 prior to declaring the major.
Students entering the Neuroscience program must have a 3.0 grade point average
(A = 4.0).
The program requires a grade point average of 2.0 (A = 4.0) for advancement and graduation.
Neuroscience majors are strongly encouraged to do independent research with one or more of the program faculty.

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