September 2010

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Internal Awards

    UIC Awards

    LAS Awards

    Departmental Awards

Adam Kuranishi, winner of the Riddle PrizeAdam Kuranishi

Donald and Leah Riddle Prize

Adam Kuranishi, a 2010 graduate from the Department of Political Science, was awarded the Donald and Leah Riddle Prize. The prize, named for the former UIC chancellor and his wife, is presented annually to an outstanding senior based on academic excellence and leadership. Kuranishi, who is fluent in Arabic, won a U.S. State Department Critical Languages Scholarship to study the language last summer in Tangiers, Morocco. Afterwards he continued his studies at the University of Jordan in Amman.

Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Award

Since 1973, the Chancellor's Student Service and Leadership Award (CSSLA) has recognized outstanding student leaders and student volunteers. These annual awards are given to students who, while maintaining high academic achievement, “demonstrate a commitment to the UIC community through participation in student organizations and activities or to students who participate actively in community service throughout Chicago.” This year’s recipients include: Shakeeb Akhter and William Biancucci, economics; Paola Baldo, criminology, law and justice; and Stephen Davis, anthropology.

Graduate College Outstanding Dissertation Award

Adam Kuranishi, winner of the Graduate College Outstanding Thesis AwardAndrew Blom

The Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis Award is given to the most outstanding doctoral dissertation or master's thesis in each of the four Graduate Program divisions: Behavioral and Social Science; Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences; Fine Arts and Humanities; and Life Sciences. Three students from LAS were honored this year including: Andrew Blom, philosophy, “Justice with Humanity: Hugo Grotius and Ethics of International Conflict;” Ruth Gomberg-Munoz, anthropology, “Hiding in Plain Sight: Labor and Legality in a Mexican Immigrant Network;” and Zachary Neal, sociology, “Trajectories of the Distinctive Metropolis in the Twentieth Century.”

UIC Student Research Forum

The Student Research Forum provides a venue for all UIC students to present their scholarly activity and is an event in which the campus celebrates the research from all colleges and all programs. This year, seven LAS students were honored with awards.

Humanities: Social Science and Business Practices
Undergraduate Students

Student's Name Rank Department Project
Kathleen Lee 1st Place Psychology False cognate detection: Examining bilingual lexical systems
Andrew Guerrero 3rd place History From Harlot to Hag: An analysis of women and witchcraft in early modern Europe

Life Science
Undergraduate Students

Student's Name Rank Department Project
Chen Shi 1st Place Biological Sciences Understanding the role of TDP-43 in the Nervous System
Aunica Jones 3rd place Chemistry Purification and analysis of PurE, a recombinant protein for drug discovery studies

Physical Science and Engineering
Graduate Students

Student's Name Rank Department Project
Andrea Antoniou 3rd Place Chemistry a-spectrin interacting proteins: bIV spectrin and AKIP1c

Undergraduate Students

Student's Name Rank Department Project
Abdulrahman Dia 1st Place Chemistry Capillary electrophretic assay of the concentration effect of NO metabolites after capillary vacuum pull at varying rates
Nicholas Spizzirri Honorable Mention Physics Generating rational solutions to the fifth Painleve equation

LAS Awards

The following students were awarded LAS scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year:

Student's Name Scholarship Award Amount
Jane Bialek Adam Kuhn Memorial Scholarship $1,500
Megan Calcaterra Eugene & Mary Tappero Scholarship $3,000
Juliette Cardenas Peter James Barbato Scholarship $1,000
Mary Carrick Eugenia R. & Max M. Jacobson MD Scholarship $5,000
Anna Coler Eugenia R. & Max M. Jacobson MD Scholarship $5,000
Alexandra De La Rosa Walter & Mary Knorowski Scholarship $400
Marie DeSalvo Mario V. & Edith J. Gambardella Scholarship $600
Julianne Faust James A. Hagan Endowed $5,000
Jose Gimenez Dorothy Thelander Scholarship $1,500
Irfan Hafeez Patricia S. Wager Scholarship $700
Joshua Jones Jeff E. Lewis Scholarship $3,000
Jasser Khairallah Adam Kuhn Memorial Scholarship $1,500
Kristine Lindsey Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund $600
Annie Neahring Robert Corley Memorial Scholarship $1,200
Olubukola Ogundipe Merrill C. Kenna & Brent D. Nicholson Scholarship $500
Anjali Parikh Jeff E. Lewis Scholarship $3,000
Fae Rabin Bernard Shaw Prize $10,000
Alan Schilling Thomas Eakman Scholarship $2,500
Chen Shi LAS Endowed Scholarship $500
Diego Soto Raquel M. & Alfred Garza Memorial Scholarship for Mexican-American Students $1,000

Students Given the Opportunity to Excel in Research
Kathleen Lee presents her research the judges at the UIC Student Research Forum.Kathleen Lee

Kathleen Lee, a psychology major in LAS, recently took part in the 2010 UIC Student Research Forum. Mentored by Professor and Head of Psychology Gary Raney, Lee presented her project entitled “False cognate detection: Examining bilingual lexical systems,” and earned a first place prize in the undergraduate portion of the Humanities: Social Science and Business Practices section. She also presented her work at the regional meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association. Lee earned financial support for her work through the LAS Undergraduate Research Initiative.

LAS Undergraduate Initiative Award

With donor support and seed money from the College, the LAS Undergraduate Research Initiative funds faculty-student research in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. LASURI pairs undergraduates with faculty mentors to complete and present semester-long research projects, providing financial support often available only to graduate students. The College funded its first cohort for the fall semester of the 2009-2010 academic year.

Undergraduate Students

Student's Name Department Project Title Supervising Faculty
Adrian Anderson Classics and Mediterranean Studies A Model of the Archaic Greek Universe Nanno Marinatos
Christine Beggan Germanic Studies The International Remake Phenomenon Sara Hall
Kathryn Brayton Anthropology Parentage Statements in Maya Hieroglyphic Texts Joel Palka
Crystal Chmelovsky Psychology The Impact of Hip Hop on the Racial & Gender Identities of African Sabine French
Karen Cralli Psychology Neurocognition of Late-learned Language: Development of Grammar over time Kara Morgan Short
Ashleigh D’Andrea CLJ Chicago Gang History Project John Hagedorn
Scott Edsall Anthropology The Lower Amazon Project, Clovis in Context Anna Roosevelt
John Goes Mathematics Sums of four squares in number fields Ramin Takloo-Bighash
Amela Jakupovic BIOS Mapping Monk Parakeet Nests throughout Chicago Emily Minor
Aunica Jones Chemistry Model Spectrin Protein to Study Brain Injury Leslie Wo-Mei Fung
Yaser Kattoum EAES Re-analyzing the Apollo Heat Flow Data from the Moon Andrew Dombard
Jennifer Kepp EAES Culturing Novel Microorganisms from “Extreme” Environments D’Arcy Meyer-Dombard
Jasser Khairallah BIOS Natural Gene Therapy Donald Morrison
Ekaterina Khramtsova Anthropology Ceremonial Feasting Patterns in Prehispanic and Colonial Philippines Laura Junker
Hilary Leathem Anthropology Y-chromosome microsatellite variation in Southeastern Kenyan groups Sloan Williams
Kathleen Lee Psychology False cognate detection: Examining bilingual lexical systems Gary Raney
Shama Patel Psychology Anatomic Correlates of Cognitive Aging Deborah Little
Natalia Ryszko Psychology Emotional processing, Physiology, and Psychopathology Stewart Shankman
Nicholas Spizzirri Mathematics Symmetries of the Painleve equations Henrik Aratyn
Amber Stone Psychology Young Children Exposed to Violence Paul Schewe,Heather Risser
Tanika Thomas Psychology Understanding the Consequences of Stereotyping and Accusations of Bias Mary Murphy

Departmental Awards


Student's Name Award
Emily Baca Joshua Terry Award
Zachary Blair Charles Reed Award
Christopher Hernandez Joshua Terry Award
Dylan Lott Charles Reed Award
Ekaterina Khramtsova Kabbes Undergraduate Research Award
Ekaterina Khramtsova Robert Corley Memorial Scholarship
Ekaterina Khramtsova Nasrin Mahani Award
Alex McKeag UIC Transfer Merit Award
Matthew Piscatelli Provost’s Award
Erin Rice Provost's Award
Evin Rodkey Provost's Award
Daniel Schneider Kabbes Undergraduate Research Award
Daniel Schneider UIAA Student Leadership Award
Daniel Schneider Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship
Nicola Sharratt Nicola Sharratt

Biological Sciences

Student's Name Award
Kellen Marshall Grace Holt Memorial Award, awarded by AAST


Student's Name Award
Francis Antony General Chemistry Award
Aimee Bobko Honors General Award
Henry Chan Merck-Ghosh Research Award
Jennifer De Las Casas Analytical Award
Shaun Fernandez Norman Nachtrieb Memorial Award
Duc Quynh Ho Herbert E. Paaren Endowment for Chemical Sciences Scholarship
Jingwei Li Robert M. Moriarty Graduate Fellowship
Wai Yip Lo Edward G. Rietz Award
Jennifer Martinez Herbert E. Paaren Summer Research Scholarship
Mallory McLaughlin Kabbes Undergraduate Research Award
Kevin Meaux Herbert E. Paaren Summer Research Scholarship
Ryan Nolan Benjamin B. Freud Award
Hakan Ogutcu General Chemistry Award
Keith Patel Leonard Kotin Memorial Award for Physical Chemistry
Keith Patel Herbert E. Paaren Endowment for Chemical Sciences Scholarship
Mohini Pathria Kabbes Undergraduate Research Award
John Penczak Dean's Scholar Award
Harsha Rajapakse Herbert E. Paaren Graduate Fellowship
David Smith Herbert E. Paaren Endowment for Chemical Sciences Scholarship
David Smith Herbert E. Paaren Summer Research Scholarship
Carl Vogel Ronald J. Baumgarten RJB Award
Lela Vukovic Dean's Scholar Award
Mary Youkhana Caterpillar Undergraduate Research Award
Irena Yzieri Herbert E. Paaren Summer Research Scholarship
Lisa Zhang Edward G. Rietz and Stanley K. Shapiro Award
Julia Zinkus FMC Award of Excellence Scholarship


Student's Name Award
Christopher Savoia Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa


Student's Name Award
Lionel Abrego ComEd Scholarship
Natalie Alvarado Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Honor Society
Lindsay Arquilla Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Honor Society
Matthew Bental Caterpillar Corporation Award
Katie Harej Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Honor Society
Michael Phillips Caterpillar Corporation Award
Michael Phillips Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Honor Society
Tyler Rayome Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Honor Society
Jenna Reisch Caterpillar Corporation Award
Theo Rodwan-Gordan Award of Distinction
Margo Joy Ruter Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's Honor Society
Kayla Zimmerman Outstanding Student Award

Criminology, Law and Justice

Student's Name Award
Gabriela Arias Olive and Alfred Kuehn Award
Sherie Arriazola CLJ Social Justice Award
Sherie Arriazola CLJ Student Leadership Award
Keith Atterberry Summer Research Opportunities Program Fellow
Paola Baldo CLJ Student Leadership Award
Seyfullah Bucak Richard H. Ward Scholarship
Jessica Cardenas Abraham Lincoln Fellow
Jessica Cardenas Summer Research Opportunities Program Fellow
Vickii Coffey Martin Luther King Scholarship
Vickii Coffey Abraham Lincoln Fellow
Yvonne Isom Al and Betty Brauner and Scott Brauner Fellowship
Omur Kava Richard H. Ward Scholarship
Lisette Lopez CLJ Social Justice Award
Xavier Perez Chicago Bar Association Criminal Justice Graduate Award
Xavier Perez Al and Betty Brauner and Scott Brauner Fellowship
Xavier Perez Martin Luther King Scholarship
Claudia Peter-Hagene Chicago Bar Association Entertainment Committee Award for Academic Excellence.
Daniel Robles Chicago Bar Association Entertainment Committee Award for Academic Excellence.
Gabriela Rosiles Olive and Alfred Kuehn Award
Elizabeth Villa CLJ Student Leadership Award
Eduardo Zuniga CLJ Student Leadership Award


Student's Name Award
Neha Agnihotri LASAA Merit Award Scholarship
Cynthia Cravens Department of English Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award
Meghen Fueston Department of English Critical Writing Award
Caroline Gottschalk- Druschke Dean's Scholar Award
Chad Heltzel Goodnow Award in Prose
Salway Holloway Department of English Creative Writing Award
Salway Holloway Ernest C. Van Keuren Award
Linda Hoyos John and Jeanne Newton Scholarship
Margaret King Provost’s Award
Nicole Krause Robert and Corinne Silver Award
Sarah Larson Anne Hopewell Selby Award
Jonathan Poore Kogan Bonus Award
Emilio Sauri Anne Hopewell Selby Award
Marisol Velez Raymond & Wilma Campion Scholarship
Brooke Wonders Goodnow Award in Poetry
Yenitza Zamora UIC Woods-Lindley Prize


Student's Name Award
Elvira Becker Departmental Distinction
Elvira Becker Marie-Odile Sweetser Prize
Emily Brisseau Departmental Distinction
Emily Brisseau Marie-Odile Sweetser Prize
John Gehrke Departmental Distinction
Ziad Karam Departmental Distinction
Cynthia Satera Departmental Distinction
Jessika Taskila Departmental Distinction
Jessika Taskila Peter Conroy Prize
Lauren Warczak Departmental Distinction
Lauren Warczak Peter Conroy Prize

Gender and Women's Studies

Student's Name Award
Ferzana Chavda Cheryl Ganz GWS Undergraduate Student Award
Elascha Madison Mary B. Bialas Scholarship in Honor of Margaret (Daisy) Davies
Elascha Madison Undergraduate Student Award
Neslihan Sen Graduate Student Award

Germanic Studies

Student's Name Award
Christine Beggan Columbia Club
Stetsen Da Silva Max Kade Travel Grant
Kristi Eggert Max Kade Travel Grant
David Faulk Max Kade Fellowship
Kristina Foerster Austrian Consulate General Graduate Essay Scholarship
Andrew Gehlhausen Max Kade Travel Grant
Karolina Grotkowski Max Kade Travel Grant
Marzena Hajdo Max Kade Travel Grant
Raluca Hammer-Aldana Excellence in Teaching Award
Elizabeth Kauder Graduate Research Symposium Award
Joseph Koglin Travel scholarship to Humboldt University Berlin
Kasia Kowalczyk Graduate Research Symposium Award
Ryan Kullavanijaya Departmental Undergraduate Scholarship
Adolfo Luna Columbia Club
Adolfo Luna Congress-Bundestag
Michaela Martin Departmental Undergraduate Scholarship
Michaela Martin Departmental Undergraduate Scholarship
Christopher Mueller Columbia Club
Miglena Nikolova Graduate Research Symposium Award
Anna Pajak Max Kade Fellowship
Katya Pirozhenko Excellence in Teaching Award
Brittany Resler Max Kade Travel Grant
Veronika Roth Departmental Undergraduate Scholarship
Margo Ruter Max Kade Travel Grant
Alexis Thomas Departmental Undergraduate Scholarship
Jonathan Tillotson Max Kade Fellowship
Jeffrey Tyson Departmental Undergraduate Scholarship
Randy Wen Max Kade Travel Grant


Student's Name Award
Marisa Ackerman Goodman Prize
Scott Andrews Laurette Kirstein Scholarship
Cory Davis Provost's Award
Thomas Dorrance FMC Fellowship
Tom Dorrance Provost's Award
Benjamin Furlow Cheryl Ganz GWS Undergraduate Student Award
Lara Kelland Chancellor's Supplemental Research Fellowship
Sarah Koning Provost's Award
Anton Miankov Cheryl Ganz GWS Undergraduate Student Award
Fatimah Murad L. Edinger & E. E. Dillon Scholarship
Jenna Nigro Provost's Award
Jenna Nigro Bentley Brinkerhoff Gilbert Endowed Fellowship
Jenna Nigro Deena Allen Award
Anne Parsons Provost's Award

Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Student's Name Award
Abel Castille ComEdScholarship
Dimitrios Diochnos Graduate Student Teaching Prize
Alisha Dunek Louise Hay Department of Mathematics Award
Eva Estrella ComEd Scholarship
John Goes Herbert Alexander Award
Elizabeth Gross Graduate Student Teaching Prize
Kriseten Herbert Nicholas A. Yassan Award
Fanu Hu Twerskey Memorial Scholarhip
Sarah Koning Marion Millers Award
Robert Kryzanoski Graduate Student Teaching Prize
Natalie Krzyanowski Cathy Hill Cawthon Memorial Award
Michal Kwiecien History of Poland Award
Gwynne Langley-Rivers Leo Schelbert Fellowship for History Fund
Jenna Nigro John B. & Theta Wolf Fellowship Fund
Jun Niu Graduate Student Teaching Prize
Anne Parsons Marion Millers Award
Kristin Petrinec Bernard Kurtin Scholarships in Mathematics and Physics
Philip Ramos ComEd Scholarship
Edgar Tovar ComEd Scholarship
Jonathan White Bernard Kurtin Scholarships in Mathematics and Physics


Student's Name Award
Maria Balcells Dean's Scholar Award
Maria Balcells Abraham Lincoln Fellow
Andrew Blom Graduate College Thesis Award
Marcello Grigolo Abraham Lincoln Fellow
Kent Schmor Dean's Scholar Award
Aurelija Tamosiunaite Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship
Aurelija Tamosiunaite Slavic Lithuanian Foundation Fund
Alex Xarnitsyn Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship


Student's Name Award
Inga Bucinskaite Professor Seymour Margulies Award
Inga Bucinskaite Larry Abels Memorial Scholarship
Rick DeJonghe Dean's Scholar Award
Jeremy Figgins Provost’s Award
Jeremy Figgins James S. Kouvel Graduate Fellowship
Kimberly Frey James S. Kouvel Graduate Fellowship
Vikrant S. Jagadeesan Ogden Livermore Scholarship in Physics
Zilay Khan Sivananthan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Julien T. Leider Inder P. & Uma Batra Memorial Scholarship
Bo Ling Paul M. Raccah Memorial Endowment Award
David Migas Larry Abels Memorial Scholarship
Christine O'Brien Sivananthan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Francisco Restrepo Sivananthan Graduate Fellowship in Physics
Nicholas Spizzirri Sivananthan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Eric Stachura Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Exchange Program
Yuan Zhao Provost’s Award

Political Science

Student's Name Award
Thomas Barnett John Echols Memorial Award
Robert Degnan Milton Rakove Memorial Award
Micah Esguerra Milton Rakove Memorial Award
John French Dean's Scholar Award
Patricia Hajek Doris A. Graber Endowed Graduate Fellowship
Alex Jakubowich McKelvie Scholarship
Matt Powers Milton Rakove Memorial Fund
Michael Saracen Milton Rakove Memorial Award
Jacob Wilson Department Award for Outstanding Achievement in Political Science

Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literature

Student's Name Award
Daiva Litvinskaite Graduate Student Council Award

Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Student's Name Award
Arta Avrami Departmental Distinction
Liliana Castaneda Departmental Distinction
Angelica Cruz Departmental Distinction
Adrianna Espinoza Departmental Distinction
Luz B. Fuentes Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel Graduate Fellowship
Melissa Huerta Ruth El Saffar Memorial Fund in Spanish
Rigoberto Torres Departmental Distinction
Pressiana Roumenova
Departmental Distinction


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