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Academic Deficit


A student with a Grade Point Average (GPA) below 2.00 has an academic deficit. For information on computing your GPA, go to Grading and the Grade Point System Deficit points are used by the college as a measure of a student's academic standing. The computation of deficit points is a simple procedure based on the following grade scale (note: this is not the same scale as used for the GPA) and formula:


A= 2 points  
B= 1 points  
C= 0 points Credit Hours x Grade Deficit Points = Deficit Points
D= -1 points  
F= -2 points  


Each grade is weighted according to the above scale. For each course taken, the hours earned for the course are multiplied by the grade earned in the course to obtain the deficit points for that particular course. For example, if a student takes English 160 ( a 3 semester hour course) and earns a grade of D, then the student would have a -3 deficit for the course. A total academic deficit. (Grades of Cr, NC, NR, M, S, U, W, and I are not included) is calculated for each semester and for all courses attempted. If the total deficit is positive or zero, then the student is on clear academic status. Understanding and calculating your academic deficit is important because no student is allowed to graduate from UIC if his/her deficit is negative. Each deficit point is = one hour of 'B'. A negative deficit number indicates how many hours of B grades are needed to return to a GPA of 2.00.


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