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Nursing Recognition Award

The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau will give special recognition to a nurse who exemplifies the goals of Sigma Theta Tau through leadership, professional standards, and commitment to the ideals and goals of the nursing profession in one or more of the areas of research, education, and/or practice.

Criteria for the Nursing Recognition Award include the following:
  • Membership in Sigma Theta Tau
  • Preference will be given to members of the Alpha Lambda Chapter, other qualifications being equal
  • Excellence in one or more of the areas of research, practice, and education (examples of each area are listed):


    • Contributes to the body of nursing knowledge
    • Is creative or innovative in research
    • Involves other disciplines in the research
    • Is mentor for others' research
    • Uses position in nursing service/nursing education to facilitate research
    • Other

    Nursing Practice

    • Clinical practice exemplifies outstanding professional nursing through collaboration with other disciplines, innovative practice approaches, outstanding contribution to health outcomes of patients/family/community
    • Clinical practice serves as a model for nursing students and practitioners
    • Expertise in clinical practice serves as a basis for service to the community
    • For nurse in an administrative position - individual uses position to foster excellence in nursing practice among staff
    • Other

    Nursing Education

    • Recognized by students/peers for excellence in teaching
    • Facilitates faculty/student professional development
    • Facilitates student learning experiences in the clinical setting
    • Publications and presentations promote nursing education
    • Other
Nomination Process
  • Submit a letter of nomination addressing award criteria for one or more of the areas of research, clinical practice, and nursing education
  • Provide at least one letter of support
  • Attach the nominee's curriculum vitae or resume

All nomination material must be submitted together in a single envelope to Sue Boyer, College of Nursing, Room 812 or via email.
Questions: 312.996.7855

Deadline for applications is third Friday in September.

Criteria and Nomination Process (PDF)

Awardee will be recognized at the annual Induction Ceremony.