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Exhibitor List of the Chicago ACA 2004 Meeting

3D Molecular Designs & MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling #226
1025 N. Broadway
Milwaukee WI 53202
Tel: 414-331-0847 Fax: 414-774-3435
Email: heather_ryan@antiochsea.edu
Web: www.3dmoleculardesigns.com
Provide innovative molecular models and professional development opportunities for educators in the biosciences. 3DMD uses rapid prototyping technologies to design molecular models based on atomic coordinates. Through its professional development programs, the CBM involves educators in the design and construction of physical models for use in teaching. 3DMD sells magnetic water and DNA kits, protein modeling toobers, and protein models.

Accelrys #114
9685 Scranton Road
San Diego CA 92121
Tel: 858-799-5711 Fax: 858-799-5777
Email: bevb@accelrys.com
Web: www.accelrys.com
A leading provider of simulation and informatics tools to accelerate the discovery and development of new pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Our solutions enhance scientific insight and promote the flow of information and knowledge throughout your discovery program, supporting your decision making process and enabling intelligent use of resources.

Area Detector Systems #106,108
12550 Stowe Drive
Poway CA 92064
Tel: 858-486-0618 Fax: 858-486-0294
Email: th@adsc-xray.com
Web: www.adsc-xray.com
CCD detector x-ray system for protein crystallography applications.

Art Robbins Instruments #101
1293 Mountain View Alviso Road
Suite D
Sunnyvale CA 94089
Tel: 408-734-8400 Fax: 408-734-8420
Automated Micro/Nano Dispenser for 96 well crystallography plates. Also showing 96 well intelliplates.

Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT) #319
Argonne National Laboratory
BioCAT/APS, Sector 18, Bldg. 435B
9700 S. Cass Ave.
Argonne IL 60439
Tel: 630-252-0549 Fax: 630-252-0545
Email: krolik@bio.aps.anl.gov
Web: www.bio.aps.anl.gov
The Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT) operates a NIH supported Biotechnology Research Resource for the study of the structure and dynamics of non-crystalline biological materials at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, IL. The goal of such research is to determine the detailed mechanism of action of biological systems at the molecular level. The techniques employed are static, time and spatially resolved x-ray diffraction, x-ray scattering and x-ray absorption/emission spectroscopy. Projects are invited from all scientists who can benefit from our advanced capabilities.

Blake Industries #112
660 Jerusalem Road
Scotch Plains NJ 07076
Tel: 908-233-7240 Fax: 908-233-1354
Email: blake4xray@worldnet.att.net
Blake Industries will be exhibiting Huber and Blake instruments and accessories for x-ray diffraction and crystallography with sealed tube, rotating anode or synchrotron sources.

Brandel # 307
8561 Atlas Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20877
Tel: 800-948-6506 Fax: 301-869-5570
Email: sales@brandel.com
Web: www.brandel.com
Will be exhibiting their pressure-based Plate Sealing Systems for applying a uniform siliconized or adhesive seal for most any plate configuration, height and composition. Systems can be used with a variety of sealing tapes, including transparent, translucent, foils and gas permeable. Tapes are available for use with most chemicals (Including DMSO) and capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -70°C. Automated systems are an ideal component for integration into liquid handling/robotic systems. Models with plate stackers are available.

Bruker AXS Inc. Booth #120
5465 E. Cheryl Parkway
Madison, WI 53711
Tel: 608-276-3000 Fax: 608-276-3006
Email: info@bruker-axs.com
Web: www.bruker-axs.com
Provides advanced X-ray solutions in life sciences, chemical and materials science. Latest APEX II small molecule CCD systems feature highest sensitivity for all types of crystalline samples, including micro crystals and weak diffractors, and handle advanced research problems with twins, strong absorbers, charge density studies, modulated structures and diffuse scattering. Biological macromolecule systems feature Crystal Farm® growth plate imaging, sensitive, large area PROTEUM CCDs and high brilliance MICROSTAR generators for high-resolution data and high-throughput screening at home. Synchrotron CCDs feature fast readout and various sizes. Systems for combinatorial screening and SAXS highlight 2D fast readout, low noise detectors.

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre #326,328
CCDC, 12 Union Road
Cambridge CB2 1EZ
United Kingdom
Tel: 44-1223-336408 Fax: 44-1223-336033
Email: battle@ccdc.cam.ac.uk
Web: www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk The CCDC collates and distributes the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) which contains comprehensive crystal structure data for over 300,000 small organic and metal-organic compounds. The CSD System comprises the database itself, accompanying search and analysis software and includes the structural knowledge bases Mogul (for rapid retrieval of molecular geometry from the CSD) and IsoStar (a knowledge base of intermolecular interactions). The CCDC also undertakes the development of a range of applications software - GOLD (protein-ligand docking), Relibase+ (search and analysis of protein-ligand complexes), SuperStar (prediction of protein-ligand interactions) and DASH (crystal structure solution from powder diffraction data).

CCP4 #327
Daresbury Laboratory
Keckwick Lane
Warrington Cheshire WA4 4AD
United Kingdom
Tel: 44-1925-603929 Fax: 44-1925-603825
Email: m.e.howard-eales@ccp4.ac.uk
Web: www.ccp4.ac.uk
The Collaborative Computational Project No. 4 (CCP4) provides a software suite for macromolecular structure determination by X-ray crystallography used by academic institutions and commercial organizations around the world. Income form the project supports maintenance, distribution and development of the software, and funds additional activities including sponsorship of educational workshops, an annual Study Weekend, hosting e-mail discussion lists, and producing a bi-annual newsletter. CCP4 staff will be available to discuss any aspect of the project, including the latest release (5.0), the CCP4 molecular graphics program, the graphical user interface (CCP4i), and the data processing package MOSFLM.

Corning Incorporated # 125,127
45 Nagog Park
Acton, MA 01720
Tel: 978-635-2200 Fax: 978-635-2476
Email: clswebmail@corning.com
Web Site: www.corning.com/lifesciences
Corning Incorporated is a diversified technology company, manufacturing high-quality, high performance consumables for the life science market. With expertise in surface chemistry, injection molding and material science, Corning offers plastic products to service the field of cell culture, liquid handling, filtration, genomics, and high throughput screening. Corning will be highlighting its 96 and 384 well protein crystallization plates

Cryo Industries of America # 216
11124 S. Willow Street
Manchester NH 03103
Tel: 603-621-9957 Fax: 603-621-9960
Email: cryo@cryoindustries.com
Web: www.cryoindustries.com
CRYO Industries has a complete (CRYOCOOL) range of Gas Stream Coolers, LHe, LN2, and Cryogen Free versions for Helium and Nitrogen. The CRYOCOOL can maintain the crystal as low as 4.5K or as high as 500K. Our Single Stream design means low gas consumption, minimizes turbulence, provides a laminar flow region in excess of 10mm, and is easy to use.

DataCentric Automation and Hamiliton Corp #213
7109 Baker's Bridge Avenue
Brentwood TN 37027
Tel: 615-263-9406 Fax: 615-263-9431
Email: dave.riling@dcacorp.com
Web: www.dcacorp.com
DataCentric Automation is a solution-based provider of laboratory automation and informatics. Our Rhombix Series of products delivers advanced automation solutions for protein crystallography experiment definition, plate preparation, storage and imaging, tightly integrated with a database that can be queried for experiment optimization. Using robotics and intelligent automation techniques, driven around a core database - the data-centric paradigm - enables disparate instrumentation to work cohesively, adapt to process changes, and use data more effectively.

Delong America Inc. # 202
5775 Victoria
Suite 224
Montreal Quebec H3W 2R4
Tel: 514-904-1202 Fax: 763-374-0242
Email: info@delongamerica.com
Web: www.dicomps.com

Diamond Wire Technology #201
1605 S. Murray Blvd
Colorado Springs CO 80916
Tel: 719-570-1150 Fax: 719-570-1176
Email: info@diamondwiretech.com
Web: www.diamondwiretech.com

Douglas Instruments #309
Westfield Farm
East Garston
Berkshire RG177HD
United Kingdom
Tel: 44-1488-649090 Fax: 44-1488-648975
Email: anne-marie@douglas.co.uk
Web: www.douglas.co.uk
Designs and manufactures the IMPAX 1-5 and Oryx 1-6 systems for automatic protein crystallization. Both systems are mainly designed to carry out crystallization by the microbatch method, although Oryx 1-6 can also perform crystallization by vapor diffusion. Microbatch has many advantages including greater speed – and also the fact that it is truly micro – and consequently uses less protein. Recent studies have shown that microbatch finds a comparable or (in one case) a much greater number of hits than vapor diffusion in screening experiments. The company also makes miniaturized plates especially for crystallization by both vapor diffusion and microbatch.

Genomic Solutions # 111,113
4355 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor MI 48108
Tel: 734-975-4800 Fax: 734-975-4808
Email: info@genomicsolutions.com
Web: www.genomicsolutions.com
Automated Honeybee Protein Crystallization System: Honeybee systems are designed with components to support protein crystallization experiments. Proprietary synQUAD allows fast, non contact dispense of both mother liquor and proteins. Dispense "on the fly" or in "step and repeat mode". Honeybee Systems are designed to support Microbatch, Sitting Drop, Hanging Drop, and Combinatorial Dispense applications. Hummingbird Systems provide fast, highly parallel non contact dispensing and transfer of compounds. The proprietary Hummingbird involves sipping of sample from a source plate using narrow-bore glass capillaries. Transfer occurs by aspirating sample using capillary action followed by dispensing with a pulse of air. Hummingbird cassettes hold 96 or 384 capillaries in a format to fit standard plates Cartesian Pipettor: The Cartesian Pipettor provides non Contact dispense via air displacement technology. Transfer up to 550 uL from a deep well plate to crystal plates with a simple GUI interface.

Gilson, Inc. #225,227
3000 W. Beltline Hwy
Middleton WI 53562
Tel: 608-828-3252 Fax: 608-831-4451
Email: swagner@gilson.com
Web: www.gilson.com
A leading manufacturer of protein crystallography instrumentation for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With Gilson innovations, the process of preparing crystals is faster and easier than ever before. Gilson’s 925 PC Workstation automates the preparation of protein crystallography experiments in minutes and is designed for high-throughput screening for hanging, sitting, and microbatch crystallography. This versatile workstation accepts many types of crystallography plates, including Greiner™, Neuro Probe™, Corning™, and Intelli-Plate. Gilson’s range of systems work with 96- or standard 24-well formats, providing the ideal instruments to fit a variety of needs. Flexibility, reliability, and performance make these workstations invaluable tools for creating diffraction-quality crystals.

Greiner Bio-One, Inc. # 102
1205 Sarah Street
Longwood FL 32750
Tel: 407-333-2800 Fax: 407-333-3001
Email: INFO@us.gbo.com
Web: www.gbo.com/bioscience
Introducing the 1536 well Imp@ct™ Plate to facilitate high-throughput, small volume microbatch crystallography, optimizing crystal growth investigations and X-ray diffraction analyses with reduced time and cost. CrystalQuick™ microplates with CrystalDrop™ lids expand a 96 well platform to allow simultaneous sitting and hanging drop vapor diffusions. Select from a variety of well styles to enhance crystal screening. Universal 24 well ComboPlate™ accommodates 18 mm cover slips for hanging drops and individual well sealing. CrystalBridges™ enable sitting drop applications within each well.

Hampton Research #115
34 Journey
Aliso Viejo CA 92656
Tel: 949-425-1321 Fax: 949-425-1611
Email: info@hrmail.com
Web: www.hamptonresearch.com
Crystallization research tools and solutions for crystal growth. What’s new? CrystalCap magnetic with 2D bar code, greased 24 and 48 well VDX plate in microplate footprints with 12 and 18 mm siliconized cover slides. Plastic circle and square cover slides, crystallization grade agarose, SaltRx crystallization screen, Fluorinert, and more. Please stop by, say hello, and check out the new stuff.

Hewlett Packard # 200
200 Forest Street
Marlboro MA 01752
Tel: 508-467-3030 Fax: 508-467-5836
Email: angela.loh@hp.com
Web: www.hp.com/techservers
HP delivers innovative, standards-based solutions running Linux and Microsoft Windows® including Intel® and AMD Opteron™ servers, an adaptive StorageWorks infrastructure accommodating multiple terabytes of data, 3D stereo-capable graphics workstations, and services. And by working with crystallographic software developers, HP provides a robust and well-tested environment for crystallographic computing.

Innovadyne Technologies # 311
2835 Duke Court
Santa Rosa CA 95407
Tel: 707-547-2500 Fax: 707-547-2501
Email: lfischer@innovadyne.com
Web: www.innovadyne.com

International Union of Crystallography #321
PO Box 951
Chester Cheshire CH2 2DZ
United Kingdom
Tel: 44-1244-376386 Fax: 44-1244-373675
Email: as@iucr.org
Web: www.iucr.org
The IUCr is delighted to announce the imminent arrival of Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, an all-electronic journal for the rapid publication of structural genomics, protein structure and crystallization results. Visit the IUCr stand to find out more.

Kluwer Academic Publishers #324
101 Philip Drive
Norwell, MA 02061
Tel: 781-871-6600 Fax: 781-871-6528
Email: jfoster@wkap.com

Kluwer Academic Publishers' Crystallography Program-featuring the International Tables for Crystallography (co-published with the IUCr)...Volume A - Space-group symmetry, Brief teaching edition of Volume A; Volume B - Reciprocal space; Volume C - Mathematical, physical and chemical tables, Third Edition; Volume D - Physical properties of crystals; Volume E - Subperiodic groups; Volume F - Crystallography of biological macromolecules. Kluwer is also the proud publisher of the Journal of Chemical Crystallography and Structural Chemistry. Visit the booth for a free sample journal and a conference discount off of texts like Lewars' Computational Chemistry and our 2004 essential major reference works.

MAR USA, Inc. # 320
1880 Oak Avenue
Evanston IL 60201
Tel: 847-869-1548 Fax: 847-869-1587
Email: info@mar-usa.com
Web: www.mar-usa.com
Mar USA develops, manufactures, and markets imaging detector systems for X-ray diffraction applications: the Mar345 Imaging Plate system, the 165 mm diameter Marccd, and three Marmosaic ccd-based detectors (225, 300, and 325 mm). These systems have set the standard at synchrotrons for high performance - highest data quality, high speed, ease of use and ultra reliability. The highly automated Mardtb goniostat is now available with the Marcsc accessory. This cryogenic sample changer automatically mounts and safely retrieves samples under computer control. The combination of a Marmosaic detector and Mardtb goniostat with the cryogenic sample changer provides a reliable and remarkably affordable synchrotron end station for protein crystallography. A Mar345 scanner or Marccd, combined with the Mardtb and Marcsc, is the ideal complimentary screening station for the home lab.

MicroCal LLC # 208
22 Industrial Drive East
Northampton MA 01060
Tel: 413-586-7720 Fax: 413-586-0149
Email: info@microcalorimetry.com
Web: www.microcalorimetry.com
MicroCal manufactures ultrasensitive VP-Isothermal Titration and Differential Scanning Calorimeters which are capable of rapidly characterizing binding and structural properties of biomolecules in highly automated, easy-to-perform experiments. The VP series represents major advances in sensitivity, reproducibility and stability, which translates into smaller sample requirements and greater precision.

Molecular Dimensions, Inc. #315
P.O. Box 1001
Apopka FL 32704
Tel: 407-866-6901 Fax: 407-869-4444
Email: tony@moleculardimensions.com
Web: www.moleculardimensions.com
Supplies innovative protein crystal growth screens developed within our customers' laboratories as well as plates cover slides, and protein expression media including SeMet. Molecular Dimensions sells the only cooled incubators specifically designed for crystal growth. With " 0.5° C accuracy from 0 - 50° C these incubators operate virtually vibration free. Now a new bench top, stackable model is available to compliment the popular 6.36, 8.83 & 13.77 cubic foot range. At ACA 2004 Molecular Dimensions will exhibit mosquito the ideal liquid handling tool for setting up protein crystallization drops in high throughput screening plates.

Nextal Biotechnologies #313
1751 Richardson, S. 6101
Montreal Quebec H3K 1G6
Tel: 514-849-8057 Fax: 514-849-4588
Email: rmndiaye@nextalbiotech.com
Web: www.nextalbiotech.com
Provides products designed specifically for the experimental needs of protein crystallization. Our innovative plates have independent screwable crystallization supports that are grease free, facilitating new experimental strategies. New, Nextal is also offering the first all-in-one pre-filled crystallization plate. We provide you with a fast and easy set-up; fresh conditions every time and increased reproducibility. Protein is all you need!

Osmic, Inc. #212
1900 Taylor Road
Auburn Hills MI 48326
Tel: 248-232-6400 Fax: 284-232-6500
Email: arlene.pollock@osmic.com
Web: www.osmic.com
Originator of graded multilayer x-ray optics for x-ray diffraction offers a full product line - Come see what's new! Confocal Max-Flux® Optics provide high flux and controlled divergence for single-crystal, SAXS, high-pressure and other diffraction applications. Micro Max® and MolyMax™ generators create high-flux, low-divergence beams offering rotating-anode-like performance from a sealed tube source - applications include protein crystallography, small molecule diffraction and SAXS. Max-Flux® parallel-beam optic upgrades are available for all x-ray diffractometers. Also offering a full range of Ovonyx™ multilayer analyzers for WDXRF spectrometry.

Oxford Cryosystems #116
7 Jackson Road
Devens MA 01432
Tel: 978-772-7930 Fax: 978-772-7945
Email: liz@oxfordcryosystems.com
Web: www.oxfordcryosystems.com
Started manufacturing the original Cryostream Cooler in 1985 but still leads the field in cryostat design. This year we integrated the Cryoshutter, and innovative stream deflector for flash freezing and annealing, into the 700 series. The company also produces the HeliX, an open flow cryostat, using helium gas to reach temperatures as low as 28K and the Phenix, a revolutionary 11K helium cryostat for powder diffraction. Other products include the Metripol, a birefringence imaging system for quantifying strain and/or order in samples. Cryoaccessories and a software suite, Crystallographica, incorporating Crystallographica Search Match (CSM), both of which can be downloaded for free trial periods at www.crystallographica.com

Oxford Diffraction #100
130 A Baker Avenue Extension
Concord MA 01754
Tel: 978-371-5506 Fax: 978-369-8287
Email: info@oxford-diffraction.com
Web: www.oxford-diffraction.com
Designs and manufactures chemical and protein single crystal X-ray diffraction equipment. Our superior products include the newly launched ‘Xcalibur 3’ featuring the direct taper ‘Sapphire 3’ CCD detector, the revolutionary protein diffractometer ‘Xcalibur PX Ultra’ and the patented ‘Helijet’ open flow helium jet. ‘Xcalibur PX Ultra’ features a four circle kappa goniometer, the revolutionary ‘Enhance Ultra’ X-ray source; which provides comparable X-ray intensity to a 5 kW rotating anode fitted with multi-graded Confocal optics from a 2.2 kW sealed tube and the patented 165 mm large area ‘Onyx’ CCD detector.

Precision Detectors #206
34 Williams Way
P.O. Box 738
Bellingham MA 02019
Tel: 508-966-3847 Fax: 508-966-3758
Email: info@precisiondetectors.com
Web: www.precisiondetectors.com
Dynamic light scattering for protein purity.

RCSB Protein Data Bank #323
Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University
610 Taylor Road
Piscataway NJ 08854
Tel: 732-445-0103 Fax: 732-445-4320
Email: info@rcsb.org
Web: www.pdb.org
The Protein Data Bank is the single worldwide repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D biological macromolecular structure data.

Rigaku #204
9009 New Trails Drive
The Woodlands TX 77381
Tel: 281-363-1033 Fax: 281-364-3628
Email: sld@rigakumsc.com
Web: www.rigakumsc.com
Redefining the home lab as the world's leading resource for single-crystal X-ray diffraction hardware, software and contract services. Rigaku/MSC offers fully integrated small and macromolecule applications, Rigaku generators, X-ray optical systems, cryo-cooling devices and peripheral devices. In addition, Rigaku/MSC provides small and macromolecular structure determination services on a contract basis.

RoboDesign International #204
5920 Pasteur Court
Carlsbad CA 92008
Tel: 760-438-5282 Fax: 760-438-5286
Email: blyons@robodesign.com
Web: www.robodesign.com
RoboDesign International, Inc. offers several new products this year with its CrystalMation™ product line. The first is a fully integrated and automated 1,000 plate high-throughput crystallization platform, including screen making, protein dispense modules, plate handling, incubation, and inspection with automated scoring, data mining, and optimization software. The second is our modular high-speed 2,500 - 10,000 plate crystallization storage, retrieval and inspection system for use in cold rooms. The third, for smaller labs, is the Minstrel I™, with options for fully automated plate handling, storage and inspection of 60 - 80 plates. Of course, "Sweet Image™" image-enhancement software is available for all RoboDesign systems.

Shamrock Stuctures LLC #301
1440 Davey Road
Woodridge IL 60517
Tel: 630-739-3215 Fax: 630-739-1753
Email: jmiller@shamrockstructures.com
Web: www.shamrockstructures.com

Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER-CAT) #325
University of Georgia, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
B202A Life Sciences Bldg.
Athens GA 30602
Tel: 706-542-3384 Fax: 706-542-3077
Email: lhoranyi@uga.edu
Web: www.ser-cat.org
The Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER-CAT) was formed in 1997 by 22 participating institutions to provide third generation X-ray capabilities to macromolecular crystallographers and structural biologists in the Southeast and Midwest. Its facilities, which are nearly complete, are located at Sector 22 of the Advanced Photon Source of the Argonne National Laboratory and consist of both an ID and a BM beamline. SER-CAT's primary interest is serving its membership with the most advanced data collection facilities for macromolecular crystallography. Membership information is available at www.ser-cat.org.

Tecan #303
4022 Stirrup Creek Drive, Suite 310
Durham NC 27703
Tel: 919-361-5200 Fax: 919-361-5200
Email: michelevalenta@tecan.com
Web: www.tecan.com
A leading provider of world-class automated liquid handling and laboratory robotic systems for over 23 years offers the Protein Crystallization Workstation (PCW), a fully automated solution for high performance protein crystal growth and screening studies. Automated applications include custom buffer creation and highly parallel set-up of sitting drop, hanging drop (new!) and microbatch experiments. Features such as low-vibration incubators, dynamic anti-evaporation cover and a high-precision liquid handling arm help insure high-quality crystal formation. Integrated image capture and analysis systems enable real-time monitoring of crystal growth. User-friendly software allows simplified experimental set-up, with novel CrysTool converter for creation of multi-parametric worklists.

TriTek Corp #317
5263 Stewart Road
Sumerduck VA 22742
Tel: 540-439-3690 Fax: 540-439-4009
Email: angie@tritekcorp.com
Web: www.tritekcorp.com
CrystalPro is a fully integrated, computer controlled, high throughput, variable zoom microscopy system designed for detecting tiny crystals in large fields of view. Unique software enables the CrystalPro to auto-scan each well while capturing images, with annotation and time/date stamp, at a rate of 768 wells per hour. Customized program options include crystal discrimination and image analysis.

Veeco Instruments # 214
100 Sunnyside Blvd
Woodbury NY 11797
Tel: 516-677-0200 Fax: 516-677-0248
Email: daxelrod@veeco.com
Web: www.veeco.com
Large-scale protein crystallization efforts require fast, reliable screening of thousands of potentially crystal-producing experiments. The OASIS 1750 automatically locates, characterizes and scores protein crystal growth, providing rapid inspection of more than 8000 wells per hour. High-speed auto-focus and patent-pending illumination ensure reliable crystal detection and classification.

Wyatt Technology Corp. # 305
6300 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara CA 93117
Tel: 805-681-9009 Fax: 805-681-0123
Email: info@wyatt.com
Web: www.wyatt.com
Light Scattering for the Masses! Wyatt Technology is the world leader in the design and manufacture of multi-angle light scattering systems for absolute protein characterization. The DAWN and miniDAWN instruments may be used as on-line detectors for oligomerization investigations and analyses, while the WyattQELS can be added to study protein purity and aggregation. The Eclipse protein separation system can be used to separate proteins without the molecules interacting with the stationary phase. Finally, Wyatt's ASTRA software can determine absolute masses and sizes of proteins, determine A2 for helping to predict protein crystallization conditions. The software can also be used for determining the degree of glycosylation and PEGylation of a protein sample.

Xenocs SA #300
19 Rue F. Blumet
Sassenage F38360
Tel: 33-4-7626-9540 Fax: 33-4-7626-9549
Email: sales@xenocs.com
Web: www.xenocs.com
Xenocs manufactures multilayer-coated optics. Key functions include simultaneous monochromatization and focusing/collimation required for various applications including: Single crystal diffraction, protein crystallography, X-RAY Reflectometry, Wavelength Dispersive X-RAY fluorescence, Electron Probe Micro Analysis, Micro diffraction, X-RAY / EUV spectroscopy & imaging, X-RAY astronomy, Neutron guide and polarization. You can rely on more than 10 years experience in thin film deposition and characterization down to few nanometers resolution. We deliver solutions to OEMs and end users from early stage of conception up to finished goods.